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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:08

Yalcin Akdogan:\"Tombs with the Al-Aqsa Mosque washed with Postal Approach In Understanding is cruel twins Spirit \"

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Deputy Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan , shrines and mosques washed with bigoted approach, stating that the Masjid al-Aqsa understanding cruel soul mate into their boots , \"Which of these religions that expresses itself has no meaning .

İstanbul news: Both are bigoted, both are desperate , \"he said . Photo Religious Affairs organized by \"1.Lat the United States Muslim Religious Leaders Summit \"began at the Conrad Hotel . Deputy Prime Minister at the opening of the Summit Yalcin Akdogan , Director of Religious Affairs Prof . Dr. Mehmet Soon, religious representatives from countries in Latin America attended. speaking Yalcin Akdogan at the meeting , referring to the problems the world is inhabited by Muslims around , \"Poverty , ignorance , oppression and the rearing of cruelty referred to the Islamic world resort primarily with a mental construct and enliven activities it is possible , \"he said . the highlight is the basic cause of all the problems going backwards in every area of retrogression Photo Akdoğan Sciences , \"science and scientists destroyed when you are dealt a new blow to the root of civilization. We observe in the Middle East terrorist organizations and violent groups in front elikl the great scholars and clerics are opening battle to the tomb, they wash them . There is not destroyed buildings , that scholars are messages of love and tolerance . Revival and win the confidence of the primary step is to build hope and vaccination. Intimidation , fear , hopelessness , we can not save any progress throwing dismantle the complacent . Savagery of terrorist organizations said they declared war on different denominations is primarily a challenge to Islam. This mentality of the Prophet. Omar does not receive grant from the attitude the moral insert against the church entered Jerusalem is very clear , \"he said . Photo Akdoğan , mausoleums, mosques washed with bigoted approach, Masjid al-Aqsa said that the soul mate of the cruel understanding into their boots , \"Which of these listen to that expressed itself has no meaning . Both are bigoted, also returned two eyes , both led war to peace and humanity. Science , wisdom , justice , mercy and peace to recommend that called the war as members of the Islamic religion , the conflict , we are manifest will become . Experienced negative developments around the Islamic world our lives , our hearts burning . Sometimes it rained bombs a cruel regime , and sometimes execution of fanatical organization that displays people , sometimes to the tortures of authoritarian and subversive Muslim community management makes your heart ache . Ethnic, religious, sectarian conflicts, despotic regime of inhuman practices , especially conscience hurts in the Middle East , \"he said.
But built many cities to Mosul from Aleppo their boasted a civilization supposedly descendants of this civilization and barbarism, the area under the feet of those towns stating that destroyed Yalcin Akdogan , \"brother sister slaughtering it , is experiencing a mental eclipse taken trampled under a religious guise of religion, sacred values ​​. Difficult as Muslims , we are facing a severe crunch and examination. Violence , of radicalism and fanaticism knowingly encourage stealthy games unfortunately hotbeds upside down and hundreds of thousands of human lives , as well as disrupt the perception of Islam and Muslims . They hit five birds with one stone . We need to seek to disrupt the game. Of authoritarian regimes in the region and Israel lived democracy paves fear being pushed underground and radicalization of the different segments of society . In geography swampy diseased structures both in the region and people of the region , they also harm our noble religion , \"he said .
Deputy Prime Akdoğan west, media manipulation , stating that perception operations and the Islamophobia that it generates , \"We are also of this disease understanding we have to show us a lot of effort to reproduction. This is a mentality problem and are the ones primarily scholars can accomplish the change in mentality , \"he said .
\"In the past there was a huge embarrassment , but not to be today embarrassed to be ashamed of our humanity , around the world next to fall unable to give the date the account has a Turkey extends his hand \"said Akdogan, \"the children in Gaza victims in Somalia , the elderly in Bosnia , they pray today a government in Turkey , they pray to Turkey's leadership , that is the result of well-intentioned efforts, \"he said .

Yalcin Akdogan:\"Tombs with the Al-Aqsa Mosque washed with Postal Approach In Understanding is cruel twins Spirit \"" comments for.


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