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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:38

World Diabetes Day November 14 from Esogü Description

World Diabetes Day November 14 from Esogü Description
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Eskişehir Osmangazi University Medical Faculty, Department of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Prof.

Eskişehir news: Dr. Nur Kebab , \"14 November World Diabetes Day \"made ​​a statement so .
Prof. Dr. Nur Kebab , Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is the condition of the eye as a result of the elevated blood sugar, kidney and nervous system disorders that arise , he said a condition that requires ongoing medical care and treatment. The most important hormone that controls blood sugar is insulin and Kebab , indicating that the secretion from the pancreas , \"type does not Pancreatic Insulin secrete 1 diabetes, although insulin secretion type does not effect the secretion 2 diabetes mellitus presence is in question. Pregnant the blood sugar elevation occurs in women \"gestational Diabetes \"is called. in addition, the types of diabetes are due to drugs or genetic disorders as well. diabetics blood sugar high seyrettik by hardening of the arteries ( atherosclerosis) at an earlier age and occurs more frequently . occlusion of the coronary arteries , heart attack, blockage of leg veins , negatively affects the quality of life development work standing up. can result in kidney damage, kidney failure in diabetes . the most common diabetes in patients on dialysis in the world is located . it also has the disease diabetes cause vision loss is most common in the world . note that the blood sugar is high cognitive functions negatively affect learning and memory reduction can occur . Adverse changes in brain arteries in the setting that made ​​your blood sugar 2-4 times the risk of diabetes, dementia , Alzheimer's disease increases the risk of 1.5-2 times . High blood pressure in patients with diabetes , lipid levels in age height earlier of cardiovascular disease and causes more frequent , \"he said.
< Strong> DIABETES SEE being has a high incidence of
1998 in Turkey of structures diabetes screening in the incidence of diabetes determined to be 7.2 percent , explaining that rises to 13.7 percent in the survey done in 2009, Prof. Nur Kebab , said the following in the description ;
\"as diabetes is the prevalence in our country is increasing in the world . Especially in people over 40 years old and overweight or obese diabetes screening should be done . Results lo screening should be repeated at regular 3 years. 40 years of age , but obese , hypertension or cardiovascular risk individuals is at an earlier age in people with diseases such as diabetes and in terms of screening should be done more often . Drinking more water , eating too much , so that the problem or problems with urination and living to see from time to time must be VLDL blood sugar levels . People diabetes screening results in the \"Normal\", \"pre-diabetes ( pre-diabetes condition , hidden sugar )\"or \"overt diabetes is defined as\". Prediabetes period may continue until about 10 years later stress or overt diabetes occurs when people are exposed to any disease. Person with diabetes developing in the prevention of damage due to diabetes is the golden key set of blood sugar. Type 1 diabetes, insulin is used in a lifetime . Type 2 diabetes with oral smoking pill or applying the necessary insulin blood sugar set. Whatever type of all people with diabetes should discuss with an expert physician and dietitian to make a healthy and balanced diet and should collaborate . The contribution of regular exercise in the regulation of blood glucose levels is great. In mothers who experience problems during pregnancy diabetes diet and exercise can not be set blood sugar , insulin treatment should be applied. 14 November World Diabetes Day is celebrated every year , drawing attention to diabetes is important to create awareness in the society. \"

World Diabetes Day November 14 from Esogü Description" comments for.


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