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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:03

Why Falling Oil Prices

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Economist Dr.

İstanbul news: Cemil Ertem, said it was not economic decline stating that political with what is happening in the Middle East, the main reason the United States , Russia and Iran policy of the drop in oil prices .
Oil prices in 1973 , indicating that reached a high level after the oil crisis Cemil Ertem, \"World'the oil/dollar conversion was an economy we say . And after the 1973 oil crisis, the rose to Go price . Today Saudi between Arabia's hand found that technology with the oil price by 5 9 dollars. the price of course is the cost price . we know that long years of a barrel of oil is $ 100 and sold over $ 100. this is but a very large surplus. and we faced with an oil rent. I could not use here, born billions of dollars in surplus of people . I Who uses it? as Saud family, cruel although there is no oil in Syria Al-Assad family , brought up in it extensively benefited significantly by the US overthrow of Saddam Hussein . At no time was this oil money going into the pockets of the people of the Middle East . This money from there dictatorship USA, UK, 1st and 2nd drawing the boundaries of the Middle East in World War II and was used by the ruling powers constitute Israel. In this sense, the level where the oil money that Brent oil for 85 dollars today and this is a very high figure. And a major oil rant today is provided , \"he said .
Dr. Cemil Ertem, Moral FM broadcast in the morning Agenda program in his statement of Saudi Arabia want as much oil supply stressing that with the possibilities to lower it as much as you want as above can remove the US'said the Saudi Arabia on that she wanted to reduce the oil revenues , Russia and Iran . Ertem, the United States he also said that began to export oil to it so far never was underlined that the lower prices in their markets.
Ertem the words as follows he continued , \"that is, if the price of Brent oil in the eastern Mediterranean basin, creating supply OPEC countries are downloading below . If you add in stagnation and recession in the EU we live in a global sense in this case we can see the oil price of 80 dollars to see more comfortable . In this sense, there are political rather than economic reasons for the drop in oil prices . USA does not want to be involved significantly in the Middle East , Russia and Iran until all this is going on . And Russia's moves in the direction of the falling down of their income on Iran's oil . That sort of says that \"I lowered the oil needed 80 dollars to 50 dollars. That happens when you upset your budget. You support your people disappear . You device will also start riots , and you deal with them.'s Involvement in the Middle East for her! Middle East today I can not send troops though I am doing a re-edit . do not put your nose in here . \"On the other hand, Russia's annexation of Crimea there . There is an issue of Ukraine. These are connected to the US Rsuya significantly to punish and want to take down Putin's popular support. Decline in oil prices is an operation carried out at the same time at this point . \"
Oil even being $ 85 Ertem , indicating that a very high price , saying that Brent oil price of a barrel should be around 50 dollars\"Even should decrease more . That was already before we look at these 1970s. We could even see 30 dollars . I think the introduction of alternative energy sources of oil prices after the next 10 years will be fixed to 50 dollars around , \"he said .
IMPORTANT IN TURKEY ENERGY MARKET ACTORS from Turkey's quite work in the short term a Photo Decline Ertem , indicating that situation , \"you need to remember that . You know Turkey and Northern Iraq as well as resources that can bring Caspian energy resources to Europe corridor is building at the moment. Thus, despite the lack of oil in the oil shipping manufacturer in Turkey and is now a very important actor in the execution of it as financial . So I think it would be a pricing center of Turkey's foreign trade will solve the deficit and energy points in the next 10 years. How to have Brent oil in the world, will be Ceyhan oil price and Brent will be next in Turkey. Therefore, Turkey will be an important player in the energy market in the coming years. And today, primarily from Germany, who objected to the inevitable future of the neocons in the US as the world's many countries there to Israel , \"he said .

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