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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:55

Were told Dika's 4th Annual Support

Were told Dika's 4th Annual Support
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Tigris Development Agency ( DİKA ) Secretary General Dr.

Siirt news: Medical Diseases, gave information about the support structures TRC-3 area of ​​Siirt last four years.
Wrestling speaking at a meeting with the press at a restaurant on the street Gülbay of 2010-2014 in Siirt private sector agencies support 3 million 782 thousand 409 pounds, the project budget is 8 million 881 thousand 631, the total supported project if it is 15 , while the infrastructure , 6 million 823 thousand 884 pounds , the project budget , he said that 19 projects with 11 million 24 thousand 559 pounds. Diseases, 11 million 497 thousand 633 pounds total project budget is said that a total of 52 to 21 million 162 thousand 851 pounds. Stating that they gave up in 2015 to support SMEs Gülbay , will focus on rural development in the new era , has announced the return of the most important agriculture and agricultural production will allocate budget to increase pistachio and pomegranate . Gülbay , the efficient use of water resources in agricultural production Siirt financial support program 2 of the project has found successful , improving the urban and environmental infrastructure development program with financial support from the fruit as announced financial support programs. Gülbay , in the lower regions lagging behind in rural areas will endeavor to the elimination of intra-regional economic disparities and increasing the incomes of the poor, for this purpose also said they would allocate support the development of peanuts and pomegranate in Siirt .
Gülbay finally bulunarak in the municipality called , guided if he can get support to prepare the project for up to 2 million pounds. Dika Siirt Support Office Manager Omar Faruk Mergen at the meeting were also present .

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