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  • 08 Şubat 2014, Cumartesi 14:58

Twitter will be competing in Austria invention of the Turkish Informatics

Twitter will be competing in Austria invention of the Turkish Informatics
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Turkish engineers in Vienna, Austria's capital, as a result of a study over two years"to Xpeopl"from an online survey and prepare the program was well-attended.

Viyana news:  Through the program, the survey asked users about the launching and will be able to declare their votes as well as ideas. With this program the young digerati soon plans to fill important gaps in Twitter said.
Rapidly popularized in Austria under the name Xpeopl is spreading rapidly as Europe-based applications. If the young digerati in Vienna with this application that aims to fill an important gap in Twitter said. The project team leader Mehmet Fate said in a statement,"Xpeopl the team as soon as possible to a wide audience reaching program for everyone and every organization wants to issue a questionnaire can launch. The Internet and smart phones can be used in programs of social media platforms such as for users and their votes and their ideas directly are expressed. the votes cast and declared that the ideas by the system in a practical manner is classified. Results are automatically reflected in the program, in some surveys within two weeks to eight thousand people were reached,"he said.
Europe and all over the world popularization aimed at Xpeopl platform created in the polls immediately trackers mobile phone is going to. Facebook, Twitter accounts can also vote in polls results of the followers of gender, age range can be examined in various categories like filter. According to the country or city where the application form at the top of the list, the trend in current issues of society, posture and response is expected to be reflected in definitive form. Free submitted Xpeopl application of institutions, municipalities, political parties, civil society organizations, for business activity field surveys of investors and private individuals of society convictions in a practical way of learning is aimed at.
Now in English, German and Turkish languages ​​serving Xpeopl the European countries starting from the whole world is going to expand. Program designed young team with this project of society from politics to trade ideas in every area and will direct expression of public opinion could be observed in a very clear way, he says. Xpeopl the project more democratic and transparent society to serve the purpose of voicing young designers, especially Twitter, Facebook-like platform this area fills and can not patent belonging to the Turks a worldwide project to enact what they want said. Xpeopl applications can be downloaded from all smart phone. Web pages in the system can reach those who want to.

Twitter will be competing in Austria invention of the Turkish Informatics" comments for.


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