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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:25

Trade Relations Between Russia and Turkey were discussed at this panel

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Turkey is Russia's role in world trade and the gains tabled on this issue \"Russia Trade's New Star Is Going On?''Is Sadabad panel was held at the Nişantaşı University Campus.

İstanbul news:
Nisantasi University and the Economic Journalists Association in cooperation with the panel \"New Star of Commerce Russian MI Going \"questions were discussed. Opening speech of Nisantasi University of Economics Faculty of Economics and Finance Department of Administrative and Social Sciences Professor Dr. Orhan Osman Intelligence and Economic Journalists Moderator of the panel that made ​​the Soil Association President Jalal Economic Journalists Association of Supervisory Board Members Intellectual Turkel .
Prof. Dr. Osman Intelligence Orhan , first in a speech recently, as a result of events that occurred between Russia and Ukraine United States and the Western countries is directed to a embargo against Russia , and Russia recalled that went in the direction of change in foreign trade in this situation . In this context, Russia, Turkey's foreign trade is also opted for the last 6 months and stated that increased trade between Russia and Turkey , Prof. Dr. Orhan Osman Intelligence , which has a population of over 140 million, has underlined that Russia is an important country for Turkey. Professor Dr. Also Osman Intelligence Orhan economy in various sectors between Turkey and the developments occurring in the world economy, panels and conferences will continue gelenekselleştirerek discussion and evaluation by organizing , he said.
Economic Journalists President of the Economic Journalists Association , which emphasized the importance to them of current issues in the Association Celal Toprak , attitude exhibited in need of foreign trade , as well as decisions taken by the Central Bank of Russia for reasons to get out from that of Russia contains the most current issues in the world economy said they held such a panel. That came 4 million tourists every year from Russia , but voicing Russia takes very few tourists from Turkey Economic Journalists Association of the Supervisory Board if members of the Intellectual Turkel is needed to port the commercial relationship between these figures and the most important port note that human pulled in. the economic dimension of trade with Russia following the
Turkel's login speakers Money Magazine Editor ÖZBEY Men, the Economist Magazine Editor Aram Ekin Duran, EU Vision Chief Serap Girgin Barnes, UND Former President Tamer Dinçşah and Nexia Turkey Board were addressed by the Deputy Chairman Cem TEZEL . Of trade opportunities between the two countries has been demonstrated that the end panel is needed to develop new ideas .

Trade Relations Between Russia and Turkey were discussed at this panel" comments for.


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