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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 10:49

TR Queue Exceeds 20 Kilometres at Agility

TR Queue Exceeds 20 Kilometres at Agility
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Bulgaria last year by the government on Sunday Lesov the border gate after the bribery operation was carried out for the customs staff, Kapitan Andreevo border crossing from all the trucks wishing to enter the country by being brought from the x-ray scanning system , Agility 20 kilometers TR tail has occurred.

Edirne news: Photo Bulgarian authorities , in Kapitan Andreevo Lesovo border crossing after all of the trucks also wishing to enter the country after the onset of x-ray screening system to pass from Thrace Kapıkule depending on Customs and Trade Directorate Border Gate , 20 kilometers tail T has occurred. Long queues formed by the trucks reached almost up to the road links to the city center.
\" we are dying of insomnia \"to exit the Photo Agility voicing cues from mile 25th Ercan incoming \"This is the ordeal of the truck people . kalamıyoruz you see our house . 25 kilometers suppose we go 3 days , we think . we express them but there does seem to be a solution. It's also a refugee , except for the problems. They have fear .They will ride in the car ? are they riding ? So we are dying from lack of sleep , \"he said .
Another lorry driver Arif recalling nature while the 13th is in kilometers, and they continued to wait , \"We are expecting from yesterday. we do not know the feds exactly. Bulgarian does not work? What is the problem? we do not know . one made ​​a statement in no . almost every week this happening already but this time the tail stretch a bit more . Monday night we are good because we rejoice that , \"he said. Stating that they came with two cars from Photo Aksaray Mustafa Sustenance of bread , the lack of water and toilet complain that \"There are no problems in Turkey side. Ultimately Bulgarian does not work. There is no problem in Turkey , \"he said . Photo FEVER:\" HOW MANY DAYS WILL STAND NOT CERTAIN \"Photo 17 years, truck driver, he did , but noted that the martyrs such an event for the first time Najm fever , \"I'm in line for the third day today. Today I passed until the evening ? it is also unknown. No sleep, no food, no rest. 17 years old this on the road , the first time I see such a disgrace . How many days will pass ? It's not certain , \"he said .
On the other hand , Kapıkule road in the direction of the gendarmerie and police teams that sıklaştırırk controls all kinds of measures to counteract the negative case , which goes to Agility with the impact of fog formed in the early morning hours of 59 ZP 351 licensed vehicles , Bulgarian diameter plate was behind a vehicle. yaşanmazken any casualties in the accident , property damage occurred in the vehicle.

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