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  • 15 Ekim 2013, Salı 10:19

Tips for the perfect short hair

Tips for the perfect short hair
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If you need a change, there is a continuous long hair ponytail. Celebrity models launched short hair trend. Why not try?


know that when it comes so easy to give up habits. Courage its long hair cut short a sudden decision. However, it is not impossible. Accurate cutting, with long hair, scalp hair may be more comfortable use."A handy hair okay?"Meaning. Short hair and is easy to shape, as well as the work does not require hours of care and styling.

Be inspired by famous names

to experience a different hairstyle. Podiums and packed red carpet, especially the numerous option. Karlie Kloss Victoria's Secret angels, a leading figure in the rapidly spreading trend of short hair. Even the proponents say that. In his statement,"as well as women with different body types, there are those who have different hair types. Short hair can be a sexy,"he said. Karlie Kloss'u, Edie Campbell, Lindsey Wixson, Jessica Stam was followed by radical changes in the models, and they did their hair. Based on the most popular models of hair styles podiums You can find your own style.

Short hair styling

hairdresser hired the path, take a deep breath, your hair cut. So what to do now? No need to panic. First, you can use it healthy and shiny hair, keep in mind that any kind of hairstyle. To give the desired hair healthy hair type air conditioner every wash find and use the appropriate shampoo. Complement the new generation of hair care products, hair easier. Experts say they work wonders, especially hair products containing argan oil. They are in need of hair with moisture and shine gets a win.

Short hair to shape

volume, holds an important place. To achieve this, use hair styling mousse. Any form of scalp hair by applying foam can. If you want to make the perfect hair spray can help to shape. However, short hair models catwalk looks effortlessly remember. If you want to have a form that straight hair hairdryer to dry before applying the rate of ninety percent of their case. In this way, you will help prevent frizz and static.

Which hairstyle?

There is no doubt a modern look lovelier hair. This is a model of the fringe hair
If you add iksirinizi youth will be found. Estimated at the end of the shoulder
for the type of hair almost every face. Face hair cut at the chin
frameworks and highlights cheekbones. Especially long and oval face
Befitting types. When you cut your hair hairdresser that conform to the model
do not forget to learn the secrets of shaping. Thus, new hair model
easier to get used to.


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