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  • 23 Temmuz 2013, Salı 11:45

This will be a first in Turkey!

This will be a first in Turkey!
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Developed domestic cars and alternative fuels project engages the electric motor developing environmentally friendly vehicles.

a vehicle for the first time in Turkey, and the design and manufacture of domestic electric motor made by suppliers located in Turkey.

Electric indigenous fossil fuel engine, petrol or diesel, according to the performance of the vehicle supplying power to equal values.

Cars currently in over four Through independent motor Sapmaz 3Gen Sports Model 300 Km to 320 Km range speed by Turkey, would have been a first.

electric motor main features:

Type :Liquid-cooled permanent magnet
Power: 80 kW (peak)/Continuous 37 kW
Speed: 12,000 RPM Productivity
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Revolution CAN 2.0 B cars produced in Turkey for the first time over a vehicle's engine becoming familiar domestic Sapmaz Electrical Motors aims to continue to research and development.

Sapmaz developed electric cars and eco-friendly technology engines shows that the zero gas emissions.

electric motor company in all of Turkey's largest R & D companies and the defense industry and designed exclusively by development.

This will be a first in Turkey!" comments for.


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