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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 10:15

They Efe from businesswomen visiting the City Council Women's Assembly

They Efe from businesswomen visiting the City Council Women's Assembly
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Aydin Business Women's Association ( businesswomen ) , elected last month started a new job Efeler wished them success in their work by visiting the City Council Women's Assembly .

Aydın news: Photo City Council Women's Assembly President Gülsevil Ergünoğl and visit in the presence of members was held in a friendly atmosphere. Women were made every platform actively in the consultation about the project can be done together during a visit to emphasize the importance of the study. Who expressed enormous satisfaction from Photo Views Efeler President of the City Council Gülsevil Ergünoğl is invited to the working group formed by the Businesswoman expressing faith in that power was born with he . All civil society organizations who expressed their desire to work hand in hand, arm in arm with Ergünoğl said, \"I do not , we can say,\"everyone said they expect women to parliament. Women's Ergünoğl said today at a great faiths work they hug day they selected that he expects the solution of many problems. Photo businesswomen speaking on behalf of Belga's Towing also wished success to bring the Women's Council expressed satisfaction with the visit. Do not pull , the President and Board Gülsevil Ergünoğl Businesswomen gave information about the structure and functioning . \"We are a team with the best places each in its own field ,\"said the tension, improve the Businesswoman of the work that members of the working life and to ensure better conditions for doing business , he said. Visit the Women's Council , which stated that they were extremely satisfied with the tension, \"we heard such a hardworking team of qualified and happy to work with . Thank you very happy of course for us to produce projects together ,\"he said.

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