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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:55

The Third Bridge Opening Date Announced

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AK Party Istanbul Provincial Chairman Aziz Babuşçu , 3 announced the bridge will be opened October 29 2015 service.

İstanbul news: Photo Justice and Development Party Istanbul Provincial Chairman Aziz Babuşçu , Istanbul Babuşçu saying that the biggest problem of the traffic , the problem will be when it comes to investment in 2019 would be resolved , he said. NTV broadcast in Babuşçu in statements said the third bridge , one of the investment said , explaining that opened October 29 2015:\"The most important problems of Istanbul is transportation. But in the Municipality have recently made ​​significant investments in solving this problem. Istanbul's transport very basic projects in the solution of the problem is in the process of implementation . the third bridge hopefully will be completed by October 29 2015 . of course this is not a stand-alone solution. Metro network we need to question concerning the solution in a way that integrates with all transportation routes . only in this way in Istanbul can be a relief in traffic. Metropolitan also it is predicted to be the most basic services of investment and budgeting AmAsInI operate accordingly.
this metro investment that they form a significant part of the completed when the President said that as 2019 to come and will have become the wentegr with other highway network . when I'm sure Istanbul city 2019 bride Istanbul more will have a convenient transportation facilities . Photo Metro expensive but one practical solution. That is why the central government for its participation in this process. But Istanbul has a facility that can handle these studies in their own facilities . But it is also important center of our government investments \".

The Third Bridge Opening Date Announced" comments for.


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