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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 10:42

The President Creative Commons Mamuşa Mayor Visits

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Mamuşa Mayor Arif Butuc , Botanica courtesy visit to Mayor Mustafa Aka .

Ankara news: indicating that they are very happy to be a sister city with Photo Kecioren Municipality Mamuşa Mayor Arif Butuc , \"You give a lot of support as your Contact sister city .'re doing to see you just because our this visit. I am very pleased when I entered Kecioren a very nice town . at night, you're making great things for a separate beauty with . Keçiören . I admire your work . I wish you continued success , \"he said . the White said they were very pleased to visit the Photo done, \"Kecioren we continue our efforts to make it more beautiful . for living all the services we do for Kecioren our citizens in a more beautiful town . Just as well Gümüsdere Linden Valley has porogen , which will also add value to Kecioren not to Ankara, our work continues at a brisk pace , \"he said . Project completion, which will become stagnant Bar Creek on the gondola and Ak President describing the navigation can be done by motor boat, \"Venice is a clone of the'll bring to the foot of the Ankara public. We expect to make a significant contribution to the project's internal tourism. The air corridors will form the linden trees that we erect the project will be held in the city's microclimate . the people of metropolitan life away blue and green as well as the many shades of linden trees to compare linden Valley, the symbol will become one of Ankara's place , \"he said .

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