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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 22:29

The courthouse in tumult:10 detainees/convicts Unleashed

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Bakırköy a group of prisoners brought to the Court's interests in the brawl near the courthouse.

İstanbul news: 8 of fleeing 10 people breaking the gates of overseeing the meantime being captured , fled two suspects. The statement made on the subject from a Photo Istanbul Governor's Office , \"November 13, 2014 Thursday Silivri lying from various crime in Prisons Campus and lawsuits an ongoing group of prisoners/detainees , officers were dispatched to the Bakırköy Courthouse by the gendarmerie teams . 15:00 desks Bakırköy Courthouse in the trial has ended (4) prisoners/detainees , prison they put in strength officials to the gendarmerie personnel by a large group and to obtain from the delivery vehicle. in messing around this time, the trial order pending convicted in court custody/10 of the prisoners had escaped by breaking the lock on the door from custody they found \"was said . Photo escaped the statement caught 8 out of 10 people , \"Missed 10 prisoners/detainees from 8 officers by staff caught up in a courthouse has fled to benefit from the ambiguity of the two convicts . The convicts who escaped from the arrest of two special teams appointed for the purpose , which continues with judicial and administrative investigations initiated related events and responsible \"was included in the statements .

The courthouse in tumult:10 detainees/convicts Unleashed" comments for.


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