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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:08

'Tell me Trak for'Project Edirne Provincial Assembly Agenda

'Tell me Trak for'Project Edirne Provincial Assembly Agenda
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Edirne Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen ( EDESOB ) by , implemented under the European Union Bulgaria-Turkey IPA Cross-Border Programme'Tell me the Trak Project'was taken up by the General Assembly of the Edirne Province .

Edirne news: Photo attending the meeting Edirne Provincial Assembly President Özcan Soyupak European Union External Relations Commissioner Mehmet Commission and past president of EDESOB received information about the project from Inage sure . Edirne Provincial Assembly, the President of the European Union and Özcan Soyupak Foreign Relations Committee , said that they closely follow the work done in Edirne province as commission. Ozcan Soyupak \"The project Edirne Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chambers Union Apply We think that is very important. We believe this project is then to our province's tourism potential of the studies will provide a major contribution. We will carry out studies as General Assembly Edirne Province with edesob also contributed ,\"he said . < Br/> Edirne Provincial Council of the European Union and Foreign Relations Committee member Mehmet past , saying they wanted to examine the materials prepared in studies \"the Commission , especially with the Thracians and tourism contribution will examine the study in Bulgaria. EDESOB conducted already a European Union project on this issue. in this regard I think we did very important work with edesob contributions . Edirne trades are experiencing a golden age in your way, \"he said. Photo eDESOB President Emin Inage , Chairman Mehmet Ozkan, Edirne ESOB Board members Erbey Sword , Dolphin Atay and eDESOB Secretary General Özay Gungoren's present at the meeting where EDESOB President Emin Inage'me-Trak of Narrative Project'under the work done and gave information about the findings obtained. Photo EDESOB President Emin Inage \"prof.dr.eng the Beksac and Professor of the few Trak experts in the world on our project Thracians . Dr. Valeria Fol they served . We give more weight to the determination of the Thracian ruins in Turkey and Bulgaria. The most important point us in Bulgaria's Thracian and tourism revenues obtained by the Thracians they were too far ahead we see in our project. Even the cornerstone of the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria , and Thracian ruins tourism creates . We're lagging behind much about it as Edirne and Kırklareli . As part of our project was focused on the limits of Kırklareli and Tekirdağ province of Edirne province , but also have amazing ruins . So waiting to tourism as the region of Thrace present a very wide area . This condition is very important for tourism. As you know, the growth of tourism income , and even the length of stay of tourists'accommodation is directly proportional to the elongation. This project has identified these areas have made . The number at the end of the project our teacher prof.dr.eng Beksac began the excavation of the remains found in Sinanköy . Dear Governor here, and I thank Culture and Tourism Ministry officials . However, the discovery of these remains and transfer a significant amount of resources required to impart our state tourism, \"he said .

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