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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:36

Super League coach does Resistance

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Sports Toto Super League in the last 2 years is remarkable coach slaughter that took place .

İstanbul news: Photo is shown as one of the biggest problems of instability of the Turkish football coach differences experienced in the last 2 season stand out . Sports Toto Super League the way to the 11 coach changes from 18 teams in the 2013-2014 season , this season's only 9 weeks into the match 3 team parted ways with coach .
The last two seasons , the team team experienced coach changes following way:Galatasaray Photo Photo season was one of the events that marked the separation evently of roads with yellow-red team coach Fatih Terim . Unal lunar management, task after Italian coach Roberto Mancini brought Terms . Season end up sitting at the table with Mancini management , one brought another Italian Cesare Prandelli running the latest Italy national team duty separating ways with Mancini on the grounds that match the target . Photo TRABZONSPOR Photo of the season in week 20 Hüseyin Avni Aker'also be played and 4-2 defeat of FC Akhisar then coach Mustafa Resit Akcay encounter , he left the task in consultation with management . After red-blue team's season until the end of Edremit help Hami MANDIRALI was run . New season 2014 FIFA in the Algerian National Team World Cup Bosnian coach Vahid area with successful results starting with red-blue color in coach seats Halilhodzic 9. After a week remained empty. You Enda Trabzon team Lateral is expected to start work in the coming days. Photo GENÇLERBİRLİĞİ been appointed at the beginning of the season in a Photo Ankara team Text Diyadin, still 8 weeks left to mutual agreement tasks with management because of the unsatisfactory results obtained . Then came the task Diyadin Mehmet Ozdilek . Capital team was divided roads ahead of the new season with Mehmet Ozdilek . Identical Kemal when delivering coaching job , yet it was dismissed by the management from the start of the season . Then Mustafa Kaplan agreed that management finally brought Irfan ice mission . Photo Elazığspor then coach of Norway Photo taken on Elazığspor'un Trond Sollied end to the mission field results . Sollied Okan Cementing per team then moved on. PTT Elazığspor season wraps up down to League 1 . Photo GAZİANTEPSPOR Photo Bulent appropriate management started the season Manchester United, the league's 11th parted ways by mutual agreement after the 3-0 defeat in the face of received Kasimpasa week . Then Serge began working in evently Yalcin remaining 15 weeks at the beginning of the task Serge Yalcin , taken after the 3-0 defeat against Fenerbahce has left the team . Gaziantep team finished the season with Tahsin full . Gaziantepspor, began contract to end Tahsin full instead Okan Buruk'l new season. Photo TORQUE KONYASPOR Photo Ugur Tütüneker 15 then the task of the week resignation Massoud Grocery took over. Torque Konyaspor , 2013-2014 season with Massoud Grocery completing management , the new season began with experienced technical man. After 7 weeks of the 2014-2015 season began operating with management as a way of separating opposing Massoud Grocery replaced Aykut big Konyaspor'un of Torque . Photo Raith Rovers 15 weeks of the 2013-2014 season Photo Fuat Capa remaining in office , has resigned after losing 2-1 in Kayseri taken against Gaziantepspor . Fuat Capa became the successor Hikmet Karaman . Season end of the road Kayseri Erciyesspor'l allocated Wisdom instead of Karaman taking part still Bulent Korkmaz at the beginning of the team. Photo KAYSERİSPOR Photo Season's famous Croatian coach Robert Prosinecki starting with another Kayseri team, the 17th week by mutual agreement parted ways with coach . Prosinecki Domingos Paciencia but instead came the Portuguese coach could remain in the team at the beginning of 7 weeks. Hull PTT 1 of season falls League has completed the management Ertugrul Selection . Photo Rizespor Photo Season's first 5 weeks of 4 wins , 1 defeat fields decline ÇAYKUR in Rizespor'un management Rıza Çalımbay could not be prevented somehow . After a good start in the Black team winning side blinkered for 15 weeks , Reza Çalımbay resigned at the end of the 20th week . Until the end of the season ÇAYKUR Rizespor'un Uğur Tütüneker worked . Mehmet Ozdilek Tütüneker team then took over and continues the mission. Photo ANTALYASPOR Photo Aybaba Samet Antalyaspor'da entering the 2013-2014 season management , experienced technical man left his post at the end of the 24th week . Antalyaspor, the same season in Kayseri Erciyesspor'l paths separated by Fuat Capa management PTT 1 went to the League . Photo BURSASPOR been appointed at the beginning of the season in a Photo Bursaspor German coach roads with Christoph Daum was divided at the end of 26 weeks . Irfan season complete with ice in green-and-white . Irfan end of the season following the resignation of the ice per team Senol Gunes was introduced. Experienced coach is currently working at the beginning of Bursaspor .

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