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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Eylül 2014, Cuma 12:49

Stunning Results from the International Nursing Research

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Celebrated between October 1 to 7'Lansinoh Breastfeeding Week, describing the results of a special survey , the present trial function determines their mother's breastfeeding habits and attitudes towards breastfeeding revealed .

İstanbul news: Lansinoh breastfeeding products published by a group of
international \"Breastfeeding Survey 2014'revealed interesting data . England, America, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hungary, Mexico and Turkey, including in 9 countries , 18 to 40 years of age , the infant 2 under the age of 13 more than a thousand mothers and pregnant with the participation of research results worldwide differences , while revealing a on the other hand , breastfeeding is a universal experience showed .
Lansinoh survey conducted by the mother cause to breastfeed their choice when asked , surveyed in all countries , mothers vast majority of \"my baby for health \"was the answer . Infants of mothers who choose to breastfeed for the health of the country with the highest rate of 91 percent and Brazil with 76 percent , while the lowest was France. In Turkey, I'd breastfeed my baby for the health of the mother was determined to be 89 percent . In all the countries surveyed, a large portion of mothers nursed them even though they are not \"breastfeeding is the best way to feed a baby ,\"he says . 96.8 per cent in Turkey .
World Health Organization exclusively breastfed for the first six months , additional food after breastfeeding up to 2 years with according to research by administering recommend Lansinoh ; in seven countries ( Brazil, China, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, the UK and the USA) ideal for a large proportion of mothers breastfeeding duration was 6-12 months , he says. But only in China, a high proportion of mothers these goals can be realized . In France, the relatively short duration of breastfeeding for 3-6 months and targeted both of these goals can be realized rate of only 31 percent of mothers Turkey, however, an exception in this regard . 53'n percent of mothers breastfeeding duration 12-24 months target of 43 percent , and this goal is taking place.
wake up at night to BIGGEST PROBLEM
surveyed in nine countries ; \"To wake up at night to breastfeed \", issued on breastfeeding difficulties are among the three most common answers . 37.7 percent of mothers who breastfeed in Turkey it is of the opinion that the biggest challenge for them . The most common answer about breastfeeding difficulties in Turkey and rates in the following way:having to breastfeed in public with 30.5 percent ( 30.5 percent ) , 30.2 percent experienced pain due to breastfeeding .
Lansinoh breastfeeding in the study , mothers \"If your baby emziremes Did you feel guilty ?\"8 of 9 from the question of the country's very high proportion of \"yes \"came the answer . Only 61 percent of mothers in Germany with a rate of \"no,\"he said. In Turkey, \"I'd feel guilty if I Emziremes \"the mothers was 91 percent .
who feel guilty that BREASTFEEDING GERMAN According to the survey
; China and France, with the highest rate of breastfeeding in the community, \"embarrassing \"blurred countries . On the other hand ; Britain, the United States and in Brazil, the vast majority of mothers to breastfeed in public \"all-natural \"thinks .
The highest rates of breastfeeding in the community was \"wrong\"with 20 percent indicating that the country was Turkey. Breastfeeding in public in Turkey \"embarrassing \"17 percent of those who had .
in the community breastfeeding \"all-natural \"finds the rate of 38 per cent , while the Turkish mothers , 25 percent of community breastfeeding within the \"inevitable\"finds.
surveyed the country's mothers and mothers majority of breast pump you are using or plan to use . According to research by Lansinoh breastfeeding ; 72.6 per cent in Turkey . Breast pumps using or contemplating the use of mothers 85 percent in China with the highest , with 65 percent in France, the lowest .
\"Lansinoh carried out this research worldwide nursing-related differences in front of the eyes when paving on the one hand breastfeeding universal and had a similar experience shows. all countries of mothers breastfeed longer for the many public policy is implemented . this research, however their life is precisely during breastfeeding mothers who through the eyes of breastfeeding outlook and breastfeeding attitudes are revealed. \"

Stunning Results from the International Nursing Research" comments for.


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