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  • 15 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 02:28

(Special Report) to Sell Kidney to Marry

(Special Report) to Sell Kidney to Marry
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In Torbalı'ya, who dreams of marrying a person, one of the kidneys for money is not floated.

İzmir news: Torbalı'ya, the marriage dreaming of a person, money is not the kidney one floated.
to Izmir connected bagged county Fire streets a passage in life hardly continuous 45-year old Ibrahim Cavusoglu, marry dream 50 thousand pounds to perform kidney floated."Maybe I am a God, I am,"said Cavusoglu, said that there's no one in this world. His mother passed away after a very difficult time living telling Cavusoglu,"my kidney selling properly establish a family, a social person I want to be. Needs of people who are interested want them. 50 thousand TL my kidney to needy'm selling,"he said.
Tepeköy in the Quarter Kıraathanesi big fight on the side of life in the passage that Abraham Cavusoglu, life is getting ready to sell a kidney to be able to hold on to. Ready to give your life to start a family of Abraham Cavusoglu, 50 thousand floated kidney in return. Who need to appeal to Cavusoglu, said:"Allah be praised so far have come. Then its fair share, if married and want to settle down. My kidney sell me another purpose are not available. Voice I hear those who are interested, thank you. Always a family and a child with a dream I've had. More than anything else people need to continue the lineage. Allah is the Best of everything to give. Hopefully reaches the people who need us."

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