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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 15 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 11:17

(Special Report) Kidnapped Goats Wolves

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Mountain village of Bursa invading wolves, animal breeders harassing.

Mountain village of Bursa invading wolves, animal breeders harassing. The first month of 2013 and 2014 to approximately 600 small animals that perished wolves, mountain also missed many animals. Livestock producers while waiting for help from the state, while the shepherd dog was requested.
Bursa mountain villages of districts under nematode infestation. The first month of 2013 and 2014 to a total of about 60 600 small ruminant livestock producers who perish wolves, mountain kidnapped in many animals. Sheep and goat herders with pet owners said they could not do anything against a pack of wolves are endangered pointed out that life safety. Indicating that the amount of damage is too high, some shepherds sheepdog demanded from the state. Shepherds and breeders sought the lost animals in the forest area.
Wheel of Büyükorhan breeders and shepherds in the village herd of wolves attacking visit The Bursa Breeding Sheep and Goat Breeders Association (BDKKYB) president Yildirim Rate,"up and down over a year of intensive wolf attacks there. Approximately 60 or so members of our over 600 animals have been lost. near our towns, our members unfortunately kudurarak died. still of rabies virus from infected about no information. longer the situation so dire, the only animal attack, but also to people attacking. near our village a woman wolves are attacking. female tree go through life's saving. region people in a highly distressed. So far, people of the region one call , 'get past' even not well. This shuffling their statements, according to the 30 sheep and goats lost, 22 more sheep animal perished. approximately 7-8 kilometers area of ​​scattered dead animals are present. because of this friend of the loss of 20 thousand liras. these figures manufacturer to a very high figure. Kurt Hitting. We, the 'Wolves get shot' do not say. Kurt in Kurdish will do, but at the state statehood will do,"he said.
small ruminants shepherd Ömer Bozkurt (60) is since he was born in the mountains, and said,"60 years to my life herdin gained this until I was such a massacre scene of'm not. we formed when you kill citizens guilty as we are. Our Our losses while meeting. Ben today 22 animals dead saw. 30th one animal I do not have. them all in one night become. formerly wolves so horny that they did not. people around migration, forest development of the situation that has made. Human shortage stems from. 'Criminal there, kill' they say. Governor says killing, police say kill, kill agriculture directorate says. So what do we do?"he asked.
"wolves what I do when I do not know"
Wolves attacked 250 titles herd owner Nazim Aydin said,"I came. Animals were missing, they said. This scene've encountered. myself'm the Slayer, each side on the hunt going. tomorrow, the next day the wolf when I saw it with psychology What do I do not know. States owns we want to avoid. A number of remarks we hear. forests in the ears chip that wolves was released. you if they exist, growers also thinking I need. Then the state animal sigortalatma obliges us to be. States we besides we want to be. Pets 10-kilometer area is scattered. rifle in my hand when looking for dead animals'm having trouble with. every side formed on the trail. Write a ağabeyimizin wife founded the chased. female trees Taking the lives saved. Losses that animals, our hopes were severed. wounded we found our animals dying. ourselves trying to treat are. injured animals we save the grandmother's prepared with a plant mix are treated. know that sage are treated. pet's wounds said to be good will. Elders this continuous if it were. wounded many of our lost hope,"he burned in trouble.
one hand, formal learning on the one hand the sheep graze female shepherds Nazif Sharp (53), the"State of the us a dog should give. I have a dog, but half way up have come and gone. Kurt only happen if we do?"said.

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