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  • 09 Nisan 2014, Çarşamba 13:45

Special Mobile Phone for the Elderly

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Information and important developments in the mobile phone industry is experiencing.

Information and important developments in the mobile phone industry is experiencing. Smart phones with numerous models of these phones use while in competition in the market for over 60 years , especially in the complex layout highly forcing users .
Ihlas Marketing also therefrom \"Family Larger our private facilities with the slogan\"special design Concox their mobile phones to its product range by adding and offered for sale .
Turkey across 25 provinces and 50 different points in Ihlas in stores offered for sale Concox brand \"GS503 Senior phone \"with peculiar characteristics of the elderly and their relatives brings great conveniences to communicate . Comfortable to use all the features sought in having GS503 Senior Phonem ; great numerical keys, easy to read display , the numbers read aloud when keys are pressed , flashlight , radio features except many as 24 months Medline Emergency SupportPack facilitator function is located. Also, the GPS module in the phone , by detecting the position of the person by means of satellites to a center transmitting information . In this way, the owner of the mobile phone , computer or mobile phone by their relatives over instant can be tracked.
Extremely practical and easy to use GS503 Senior Phone can be purchased with the advantages of paying in Ihlas Stores . In particular, up to 21 months without a credit card payment option for those who want to have this phone provides a significant opportunity .

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