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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:59

SP from'Officer Purchases'Rating

SP from'Officer Purchases'Rating
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Felicity Party ( SP ) Vice Chairman Necati Yusufoğlu Samsun Province , the number of civil servants has reached 2 million 400 thousand in Turkey , said the annual cost of state officials said that 140 billion pounds.

Samsun news: Photo Necati Yusufoğlu, related party purchases civil servants held a press conference in the building. Yusufoğlu, \"we see that the number of civil servants in Turkey increased every year . But I do need, this officer purchases ornecessity ? Number 2 million 400 thousand reached the current staff of the state to the annual cost of 140 billion pounds. According will continue to increase this number in Thereafter, this annual expenses of the staff is also to be increased in that proportion . it was not Hani government portal overcome business door, you know the state one has no obligation to find a job ? AK Party governments , because of wrong economic policies implemented so far , people are overcome , factory work and hope gates and facilities one by one because of disabling off in the sold portion has come to this point. However, the officer and very difficult subject to say that it is fair and equitable for recruitment . \"The Provincial Vice-President , indicating that console is a citizen of
Government Yusufoğlu, \"We fly the country in the media, we grew , we entered one of the giants of the world by throwing slogans , ethical citizens is how to continue policy of full throttle to avutup deception ? Each year, the minimum wage , we grew 3 percent of employees and retirees Did considered fitting charity hike and we flew . Reva seen after this time that the scam is a lie still rather give up if you have the understanding of this discourse , \"he said .

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