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  • 07 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 01:26

See a photo of the gorgeous:Makeup of experts Cheats

See a photo of the gorgeous:Makeup of experts Cheats
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Eight beauty expert, to be ready when the flash fires gives you the best tips.

Vacation Do you want to look glamorous in the photos? Here you great tips for beauty professionals.

plump face, wattle or curve to determine the line of the nose, use bronzer matte finish. on your natural skin color slightly darker matte powder, cheekbones, below the line of the lower jaw or nose when driven to the edge here so as to give a chisel.

-Dimitri James, celebrity makeup expert

your skin color two-tone concealer on your purchase. in a courteous manner Fondöteninizi and after you apply your powder finish concealer under the eyes to the half-moon shaped Gently tap. In the same way on your eyebrows, apply towards the end of the middle. This will highlight your eyes and your eyes so that it becomes the focal point of the photo.

-Lindsi Lane, Lindsi in the Fast Lane the founder

If you are attracted to your photo from

length, being careful not to be aligned Put your hands on your hips. one hand on your hip, the other a bit if you put down your fat görünmezs.

-Hope Henderson, Beauty Mark creator of applications

blush for your makeup makeup look that gives the impression that go es. Instead, the powder bronzer to highlight cheekbones. Then, apply a powder which emphasizes on the cheek.

-Shelley Goodstein, model and blogger ( Model's Secrets )

false eyelashes and eyeliner to draw attention to the eyes of key products. Angled tip to the upper lid of your eyes with a brush or powder applied to the inner edge of the. This includes eyes highlights from incarceration. Lash eyelash extensions to support short lane use. A little bit of mascara, then you are ready.

-Erica Maniscalco, a New York makeup artist


your gums to prevent the tip of your tongue to smile, place on your palate. So you are to avoid a big smile. Works every time!

-Elke Von Freudengerg, New York-based makeup artist

Far more luster when it comes to

stay away from. only applied to the eyelid and brow bone to the right of the wrinkles, use matte eyeshadow.

-Jessica Metivier, in America Now ' the beauty experts

Tame flyaway hair. of photo shoots before make sure that your hair look flat. Flyaway hair hair spray to overcome a scan on the toothbrush and gently tighten.

Papworth, celebrity makeup artist

About the Author:Shelley Levitt

, former editor of Self and is also the author. It is also often to The Style Glossy 's editions to Turkey contributes with articles.

See a photo of the gorgeous:Makeup of experts Cheats" comments for.


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