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  • 09 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 04:57

Renewed Face in Diyarbakır with Toyota

Renewed Face in Diyarbakır with Toyota
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Toyota Turkey Marketing and Sales Director of Corporate Affairs Selim Okuda, Turkey was part of a tour came to Diyarbakır.

Diyarbakır news: Toyota Turkey Marketing and Sales Director of Corporate Affairs Selim Okuda, Turkey was part of a tour came to Diyarbakır.
new Toyota models, including Corolla, particularly the new Toyota Plaza Snowdrops held in Diyarbakir was introduced at a meeting. Meeting Toyota Turkey Marketing and Sales Director of Corporate Affairs along with Selim I read Diyarbakir Toyota Dealer Owner and General Manager of Plaza Snowdrops Wisdom Bar also attended."Renewed Face the Toyota Tour of Turkey"as part of Toyota's new design concept reflects the new Corolla, Auris, Verso, Yaris, Avensis and RAV4 models were introduced at the meeting, Toyota Turkey Marketing and Sales Joint Stock Company Corporate Relations Director Selim Okutur, Toyota's new brand of stating that,"This year, our sales reached 38 thousand 443. came in 2020 when Turkey's leading car brand Toyota brand we intend to do,"he said. Cars in the increase in excise duty Referring to read it,"the New Year on the first day excise tax an increase in question was. Currencies rise in the next, excise tax increases and the BRSA auto loans bring to the regulations, deficit reduction and savings directed towards an application is considered. Toyota and our industry All other brands for the year 2014 they determine strategies to reassess will. Total sales of units in 2014 to 600 thousands to recede to conclude,"he said.
Okutur, innovative Toyota's Interbrand's"World's Most Valuable Brands"survey of the automobile category leadership in 2013 In the Protect Noting that,"Toyota 17 per cent growth by showing the brand value of 35 billion 346 million dollars raised. Trademark on the summit has overtaken Toyota also in the automobile industry with its innovations leading identity fosters all over the world, especially the Prius, including 5.7 million in excess of hybrid vehicles with sales surpassing all their competitors across the globe for three consecutive years"Best Global Green Brand"was able to be,"he said. I have read, and Toyota quality and reliability of the German inspection agency TÜV in a row the 4th be registered only once noted that he"Toyota 2014 TÜV reports most successful brand noted. 5 different car category, 15 model on our top 10 list of most reliable cars of took our place. past year, as in the TÜV report, as in this year leading position, maintaining high our credibility and long-term endurance we have proved we have,"he said.
Toyota Plaza Snowdrops CEO Hikmet bar while All new models alongside the new Corolla's intense interest, he said. Baran,"Turkey produced in the new Corolla interest in increasing every day that we can observe. New Corolla model, the new design concepts and emerging technologies and distinctive features of their class on the comfort, providing the luxury segment car compared to the level that has come to. New Corolla ' With the launch of the significant increase in our sales have occurred,"he said.
Baran, Toyota, customer satisfaction in the sensitivity also expressed said:
"to the customers seriously, paying special attention to produce services and products is always the next customer should stop its vision acquired a brand Diyarbakir temsilcileriyiz. everything On the basis of the trust element was aware to our customers our products and services to improve the quality incessantly to strive. This awareness naturally as a result, Toyota eyes of our customers in the ranking for satisfaction is always first took place."
Renewed Face the Tour of Turkey"s Diyarbakir and the ongoing Toyota Toyota Plaza Snowdrops in the world's most preferred car new Corolla, Toyota's exciting new design concept for the first time fully reflects the Auris family preferred by Verso, ease of use and the size of the city with roads also an excellent way to adapt RAV4, Avensis and all the details of Yaris was introduced.

Renewed Face in Diyarbakır with Toyota" comments for.


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