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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 20:18

President of France , France Adopts the Federation of Alevi Unions Trustees

President of France , France Adopts the Federation of Alevi Unions Trustees
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French President François Hollande, France Alevi Unions Federation Chairman Erdal Kılıçkaya Diplomacy and International Expansion with Commission Officer, Dr.

Paris news: Ali Karababa accepted .
Held closed-door press Elysee Palace after the adoption of the Federation President in charge of diplomatic relations with Kılıçkaya Karababa found in statements to journalists about the results . French President Alevis Elysee Palace, he wanted to meet calling and stating Listen themselves Kilickaya, \"We talked on the subject that the overlapping values ​​French republic with the Alevis . Especially secularism , especially as we see gender equality and equal opportunities issues that we agree . The next process in France presidential level Alevis will be included in the working group to all the meetings. I think France thrown into the flames to be the first step but the last step. extremely was a very productive meeting for us. in particular, we made the assessments of these developments in Turkey. Secularism about women's rights and especially workers the assessments were found in mortality . this study meetings , our meeting will continue in the period ahead . we thank the President . Alevis corporate France Alevi Unions for taking interlocutor that calls the Federation we Alevis as well once that vast tolerant teachings of our teachings we have European values ​​personally our own mouth, France we told the Presidential delegation , \"he said on the question about where
interview request of how much time is considered Kilickaya, \"France Alevi Unions Federation of the work Cumhurbaşkanı'yl talks launched it 2 and a half years ago, before we met with the Interior after the Foreign Ministry . We met the president in the third stage . So two and a half years we have accepted the results of the study at the presidential level , \"he said .

President of France , France Adopts the Federation of Alevi Unions Trustees" comments for.


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