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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:01

Parachute Brake Circuit Input been Prevent Tragedy

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Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Adana Branch Board , 6 people , which caused the injury , Dr.

Adana news: Win at Love Tüfekçi State Hospital , completion of the elevator renovations and announced that alteration After finishing the main reason for opening the user from carrying out checks should be performed .
MMO Adana Branch of the Board, the Island on November 12, 2014 Dr. Love Tüfekçi occurring in the Çukurova State Hospital , 6 patients and has made a written explanation about the elevator accident resulting in the injury close . Soon recover, the health of the citizens injured in a Photo Elevator accident was given the following vision of the desired MMO description:< br/> \"Dr. Love Tüfekçi State Hospital Chamber of Mechanical Engineers on elevator accident occurred according to the Chamber of Elevator Control Center technical officer of our findings first , he spent modification of said elevator and is not used is therefore a while, but is available for use by the hospital management, 13 persons on the lift capacity occurred overload the riding man , the operation of the overload sensor in the elevator , does not provide the counterweight half load balance , parachute braking system relative to the load in the elevator was observed has been chosen. said elevator, 17 July 2013 at the request of the hospital administration, Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Room Elevator Control Center technical staff have been carried out in terms of elevators and elevator controls in this life and property security have prepared an expert report indicates that dangerous . This report Dr. Love Tüfekçi Hospital was sent to the authorities. However, the hospital management has been taking the necessary modification of the elevator for a long time . Remedied the lack of lift on 20 May 2014 Elevator Control Center observed by the technical staff and again on May 21, 2014 a report was submitted in writing to the hospital management . Began to hospital management modification of the elevator but were not taken necessary precautions when renovations. \"
ELEVATOR RENOVATION INCOMPLETE a Photo Elevator modification are incomplete and the modification of utilization of the lift without the checks to be performed after completion accident occurred main reason for coming where the highlighted statement , \"due to overload people with riding on the lift capacity and as a result of the introduction of the elevator overload sensor has shifted downwards. This shift results in the last lift of about 7 feet freefall parachute brake activation has also been observed . The elevator had to drop from said one or more of the floors above would be in order to avoid more serious consequences \"said he . With maintenance and inspections specified in
Regulation in a statement expressed will be used in the confidence of the elevator then included the following:a Photo \"All our notice , Despite our call we need to take precautions it takes the direction of the elevator accident . Municipalities, prefectures , apartment/building managers and public sector managers are showing the necessary sensitivity unfortunately for elevators. Citizens using lifts, red label , which lifts or untreated control , they saw unlabeled elevator buildings left in the open for use by responsible if where the elevator to the district municipality or industry directorate should be complaining about it , should provide elevator maintenance and periodical checks. Elevator accidents are not a destiny. Both of our citizens , both in law and in this issue of conscience and responsible building, which will be responsible if the authorities take the necessary measures will be solved. MMO Adana Branch , all citizens not only in the stage of making the annual control of the elevator at the same time this sensitive issue with any technical , is ready to provide professional support. \"

Parachute Brake Circuit Input been Prevent Tragedy" comments for.


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