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  • 30 Kasım 2013, Cumartesi 02:30

Oyak Renault 4.5 Delivers Millionth Car

Oyak Renault 4.5 Delivers Millionth Car
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Oyak Renault Automobile Factory is located in Bursa, 4.5 millionth car was produced.

Bursa news: Oyak Renault Automobile Factory is located in Bursa, 4.5 millionth car was produced.
Oyak Renault, was founded in 1969 and two years later the first cars began to come off the production line. Over the years, hundreds of thousands Oyak Renault Renault 12, Renault 9, Renault 11, Renault 21, Renault 19, Megane Sedan, Megane Wagon, Symbol, Clio Fluence was produced. Oyak-Renault's 4.5 millionth vehicle produced a red Clio will go to Japan in the Japanese market was Lutecia with the name.
In a speech during the ceremony, General Manager Aleš Bratoz Oyak Renault Automobile Factory,"4.5 millionth car we produce right proud of you live. 2 months that I'm on duty, and your pride to share with you I am very happy. Moreover, 4.5 millionth car, our automotive industry is the cradle of Japan will go to a red Clio, the Japanese market with the name Lutecia. than 40-year history during your lot to be proud of job done. Now 4.5 millionth car's pride can. This is just Oyak Renault, not the Renault Group's own pride. Today we share with you the pride management during my add new ones that we will promise you,"he said.

Oyak Renault's target for the progress achieved in the field to observe in Bursa Renault Euromed-Africa Regional President Jean-Christophe Kugler also Oyak Renault 4, proud to have produced its 5 millionth car shared. Ceremony held during the employee appeals to Kugler,"First of all Renault's top management this awesome car, her pride you want to convey. Clio 4 Renault's change icon. Today Renault much more ambitious, much more ambitious, much more self-reliant and international markets conquer a brand . Renault's Design Director Laurens van den Acker with the Clio 4 Renault's breakthrough of the icon to be had dreamed. we dream, we first think of our reality zoomed. senior management on behalf I thank you 4.5 millionth car Congratulations on your hands, your health,"he said.
Founded in 1969 and two years later began operations in Oyak Renault Automobile Factory, today, Renault's position outside Western Europe's largest subsidiary. Body-assembly and mechanical-ground plants, R & D center and an international logistics center consisting Oyak Renault, Renault group's manufacturing center is one of 38 worldwide. In 1971 Renault 12 model started production with Oyak Renault over the years, Renault 9, Renault 11, Renault 21, Renault 19, Megane Sedan, Megane Wagon, Symbol, Clio Fluence HB Megane, Fluence ZE consisting of nine different models in 18 different chassis has produced. Oyak Renault Clio currently hatchback and Sport Tourer versions of the model, Fluence ZE, Fluence ZE and Megane HB models of these cars' engine, producing mechanical components and exports. Oyak Renault production in a single assembly line realization, its product mix and amount of any significant changes in the flexibility and adapt easily to show the angles.
4.5 millionth car produces Oyak Renault, 2013 in October by the end of 278 thousand 458 cars production and 222 thousand 738 units, automobile exports the Turkish Automotive Industry in passenger car production and exports continued leadership.
Oyak Renault produces 54 percent of the 4.5 million cars in the 5 continents from Australia to New Zealand, France from England, from Thailand, Japan, Morocco, South Africa, Colombia, Martinique was sold in more than 100 countries. Obtained at the end of the year 2012 with a turnover of 3.1 billion dollars, with exports exceeding Oyak Renault's exports surpassed $ 27 billion over 16 years. Mechanical-Chassis Factory Oyak Renault Fluence is still produced, HB Megane and Clio models for the engine, gearbox and driveline parts production is performing.

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