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  • 27 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 11:04

Ordeal of the heart with salt

Ordeal of the heart with salt
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Especially in recent years to reduce salt consumption , measures to be taken for the prevention of sudden cardiac problems among the experts is one of the first suggestions .

Adana news: However, recent research on the amount of daily salt intake also raises some questions .
Acibadem Adana Hospital , Department of Cardiology, Professor of Dr. Alpay Turan Sezgin, \"a part of the research under 3 grams of salt per day, consuming more frequently in cardiovascular events was observed when specifying a section under the strong salt should be consumed 2 grams per day ,\"he said . So how much salt should be consumed for a healthy heart ? Professor Dr. Sezgin, should be consumed daily for a healthy heart gave important information about the amount of salt .
Of salt damage to heart health does not mean the end of the research done on . Some of the experts agree that keeping a trace of salt consumption , while a portion of the controlled salt intake of the opinion that it would be more beneficial in terms of heart health . 3 grams of salt has about 1.2 grams of sodium according to the American Heart Association's latest proposal for heart health a person's daily sodium should not take more than 1.5 grams . However, according to some research done ; 5 grams of sodium below 2 grams per day in the areas of cardiovascular events than those areas is observed. These results are considered as a surprise in terms of the world of science stating that Prof. Dr. Alpay Turan Sezgin, \"These studies sodium intake and blood pressure is a direct correlation between that and blood pressure, but the daily 3.5 to 4 grams taken over increases when shows. Hypertension, high sodium intake as low potassium intake is also an important role. Done this the results of studies on the blood pressure to reduce sodium intake in an aggressive manner instead of reducing potassium intake increase suggests \"he says.
results of other studies , however, daily more than 2 grams salt when consumed will increase the rate of death from cardiovascular causes direction . Professor Sezgin, \"Research in this direction , according to the 2010 year in the world salt consumption average günde3,95 grams and their meta-analysis according to the annual 165 million cardiovascular reasons is lost , this ölümlerdekih 10 people, one of the daily 2 grams of salt consumed conclusion that emerges \"he says.
So what you need to rely on the results of the study ? The results of the two surveys are different from each other, indicating that the Professor Sezgin , \"the first work of fiction consumed in the daily sodium intake in the morning fasting urine , using the second study, 24-hour urine out is calculated. Urine daily sodium intake in the calculation of the gold standard 24-hour measurement is the second study's results to rely on more accurate . These situations daily salt consumption 2gra am will increase the frequency of cardiovascular events is on , \"he says .
in many ways USEFUL tO REDUCE SALT
Professor Dr. Alpay Turan Sezgin, \"Salt to restrict blood pressure help reduce . Yet recent studies , salt restriction and long-term increase blood pressure, hormonal system, there is an increase gözleniyor.bunu However, total cholesterol and triglycerides , that occurs in the body natural fat levels is also increasing . Ultimately in the long term salt restriction in hypertension and cardiovascular events remains unclear what led to the result , but for the health of the entire body needs to restrict salt intake , \"he says .


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