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  • 26 Nisan 2014, Cumartesi 19:38

Open paintings were 6 years old

Open paintings were 6 years old
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IZMIR ( dpa)-Izmir six-year-old Cemre Annex Taspinar attention went to the art exhibit .

İzmir news: Six-year-old young artists
Cemre Annex Taşpınar Foca Municipality Reha pony of her exhibition at the Cultural Center , visitors are monitored by the intense interest and admiration . Little painter to the opening of the exhibition of pastel paintings , Foca Mayor Jennifer Demirağ , District Director of Education , Celal Yildiz, students and teachers of kindergartens in the district attended. Mayor Jennifer Demirağ tiny Cemrem capabilities congratulated him and work and wished them success .
Foca teachers in Tulin Taşpınar Commando School and Chief Ruşen Ekrem Taşpınar, who was the daughter tiny Cemrem 2 years tutoring receives and Reha teaching painting pony Elementary Art Teacher of Nakuz Senel was learned . Mother Tulin Taşpınar ,''Cemrem first pictures of the work , initially started as an ordinary occupation . Because the street is not always too late . We've encouraged , but he also loved to paint . After a while we looked and we warn him to do the painting on its own without having to go into the room taking paint and painting begins . Not finish a picture at one time , finishing with a run time of three to five . Can you paint a picture of Kat . Can you not going to like change . Is the impact of the training on this subject . Working with crayons and can apply fusion techniques . Cemre'm from this work was influenced by friends in kindergarten . Taking the example file was starting her friends . Cemre'm have a brother 23 months . Even inspires him . When CemRe began painting at his brother pen and paper trying to draw something by hand . Cemre'm the very positive feedback we have received thus painting exhibition . Urge each other to see the exhibition, and again came to see us to have a great deal of love photos happy. The exhibition's opening day , which is April 25th, was the birthday of Cemrem . This history, in a pleasant way ahead of Cemrem specifically chose to remember . I love all the pictures and visiting exhibitions have been given for the support of the Mayor of Foca Mr. Gokhan Demirağ Thank you very much , \"he said .

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