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  • 01 Şubat 2014, Cumartesi 11:21

Obama's dream was the Turkish Entrepreneurs Happen

Obama's dream was the Turkish Entrepreneurs Happen
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U.S. President Barack Obama's three-dimensional enough to go to the house of the printer, reducing the cost and improving its call, the company LTS Technology Group in Ankara, the Turkish capital and has implemented 100 percent.

Ankara news:  U.S. President Barack Obama's three-dimensional enough to go to the house of the printer, reducing the cost and improving its call, the company LTS Technology Group in Ankara, the Turkish capital and has implemented 100 percent.
U.S. President Obama, the future of the industrial revolution that will make the 3-D printer to the home enough to enter Lowering costs and improving its call, the Ankara company LTS Technology Group, 100 percent Turkish capital and implemented. 15-thousand-250 thousand dollars sold 3D Printer 2 thousand 500 dollars to the selling price drop has not only the cost of consumables also more than 10 times managed to reduce.
Its Geo MASS R & D Laboratory his successful efforts LTS comes up frequently Technology Group, 3 industrial revolution as characterized three-dimensional computer design, the actual object that converts printer's spread the work to be still within the TETA with electronics was signed.
about 2 years of R & D work results in developed countries, high costs generated 3D printer, as well as the expensive material as well much cheaper than producing LTS Technology Group in 2013, Obama's"address to nation"speech, the objective set U.S. firms before was able to reach.
LTS Technology Group President Talat Sam, Obama's speech in 3-D Printers very large space that the this printer cost of houses will be reduced to the 3rd industrial revolution open the door highlight Recalling, said:
"3D Printer from industry, architecture, education, health sector, as many sectors can be used by an important invention. This machine briefly desktop manufacturing might call a production method. rapid prototyping known in this technology, three-dimensional computer design, a real object being converted. So, you've been dreaming of objects in computer you are drawing, this printer you that object's three-dimensional form gives. This tool works makes it so simple an architect about 6 months can complete building model in a day can do."
Sam, Turkish Patent Institute received four patents serial production with the ready 100 percent domestic capital 3D Printer with the steam engine and computer technology after the 3rd Industrial Revolution, opening the doors they expressed, said:
"Earlier in the movies we have seen technology is no longer a one occur. This technology is one of the 3D Printer. every industry can benefit from this system do in our daily lives to enter the required . however abroad machines manufactured high cost of being in 3D printers inaccessible perception that has created. we in the industry to our place while this machine all into the house should have been focusing on. This, in turn like our much less costly machines have produced."
Talat Sam, domestic production 3D Printers in the world like the major difference between the TET Electronic invented by the"head system", noting that"this device R & D activities for the second year, seven-person team I tried and nearly 600 thousand dollars have been spent. machinery in our system abroad from similar times and times cheaper than going. Indigenous head our system the machine of our selling price 2 thousand 500 dollars to have reduced. abroad prices of similar products the 15-thousand-250 thousand dollars is changing. 3D printer for manufacture of the materials used is also extremely serious savings have. Our patent the material we used abroad material 10 times is cheaper. Additionally we produce machine like much smaller than that stated I would like to. Small size 3D Printer leave our office, factory in every home that can be used"he said.
Trial and durability tests TETA 3DP of the printer, five thousand hours working non-stop emphasizing the Sam,"the U.S. President even to American scientists made the call that this system cost less to what we do in studies yielded positive results., a Turkish firm as 100 percent domestic capital are proud to produce this technology,"he said.

Obama's dream was the Turkish Entrepreneurs Happen" comments for.


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