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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 10:25

Meets Local Media and Blogs on the same platform

Meets Local Media and Blogs on the same platform
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Local media and blogs on the same platform ,'Blob'also meet .

Edirne news: Press Photo of the activities carried out in the field as well as the publication aims to be the leading institution in the field of media studies carried out in the new Directorate General of Press and Information ( BYEGM ) will put the signature on a new project . BYEGM Blob in order to contribute to the local media and bloggers with content producers in Turkey, having a project to life. Photo DİŞLİOĞL is \"< strong> STAY LOCAL MORE PEOPLE REACHED \"Photo Edirne Press and Publications and Information Provincial Director Rebecca Dişlioğl , the Press and Information General Directorate, local news sites, combining the power of blogs and portals gave information about the project to enable them to reach wider audiences .
the successful examples in the world and the project will be the first in Turkey , Press Release and Information by DG Dişlioğl indicating that realization , \"Blob projects in the digital environment of the local media producing quality content and blogs sound the whole of Turkey and to be announced better world, aims to provide can be followed by wider audiences. in the beginning, after Turkey integrative aims to address the entire world project'Blob'with the introduction of quality content on the internet content providers on a single platform aimed at increasing the number of visitors. Local news sites involved in Blobr , blogs and portals that can be introduced so that their voices to a wide audience and can be introduced , \"he said .
\" LOCAL MEDIA SOUND ALL THE TURKEY could YE ANNOUNCES \"Photo Provincial Director Rebecca Dişlioğl of Blobr including the local media sites , both themselves and to introduce to a wider audience the region and said they would have the opportunity to announce , in Blobr of the sites included in the system to gain visitors from other sites said he thought they would start . Photo Dişlioğl is also the Blob project with the internet environment aims to contribute to the content production in Turkey, media , sports, economy , fashion, literature, cinema and numerous local news sites providing services in different areas of their blogs and portals qualified content spoke of the advantages of the way there . Photo 4 thousand block , 3 thousand local news site and located the platform to Uman Dişlioğl save can be accessed through the web portal , Edirne included in the jurisdiction of the Provincial Directorate , located in Kırklareli and Tekirdağ media organizations , news sites, blogs and portals about to reach a wider audience will make an important contribution to the promotion of the region to benefit from these pages , he added .

Meets Local Media and Blogs on the same platform" comments for.


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