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  • 09 Şubat 2014, Pazar 02:14

Light:"Turkey should stay back in the War of Technology"

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Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light, Turkey in the field of science and technology industry said they were trying to move forward.

Kocaeli news:  Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light, Turkey in the field of science and technology industry said they were trying to move forward. Light, Informatics Valley Citing"Kocaeli's name will be announced to the world,"he said.
Intellectual Light, Kocaeli, where he met with the press conference ahead of local elections in the assessment found. Mayor candidates Light Minister stating that much confidence,"Survey # 2 in our district are not any, anywhere birinciyiz"he said.
Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light, which was held at ministerial duties after taking over the breakfast for the first time met with the press in Kocaeli. After breakfast, members of the press in the local elections in Kocaeli AK Party's goal is what answer the question of the Minister of Light,"the most recent present, according to surveys of any county in the polls, the second party are not"was the answer.
Before the local elections held on survey results in Kocaeli AK Party declined the claim that the Minister answering intellectual light, said:"Political science in the most effective parties that use the AK Party. Assembly since the day of the public pulse continuously through questionnaires are holding. If we had one a relevant figures mean if his work is due to the want you to know. This use of science in policy and in politics is an indication of our sensitivity. According to the most recent survey we have no second party in the polls, we are not in the county. targets in the next process, which we shared with the press in the county will vote how."A RESPONSE TO LIST
I did not
in Kocaeli, a mayoral candidate in determining the intervention itself refutes allegations of Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light, he continued as follows:"AK Party's candidate selection method, a public opinion poll is done, then the exception polling is done, all the data are combined and conviction is reached. then neither I nor the provincial presidents to get opinion. Consequently, according to the headquarters of the Prime Minister before a conclusion is reached. A friend's list written in the name of my intervention I was seen.'s all my friend. all of them for years tried. Someone was nominated in the Intellectual Light intervened nomination was a situation such as has never been. Results released to the public the attitude of the polling all taken into account that know best. Except one another nothing in our district 2 which our friend candidate made each time 1 that our friend the candidate was made. mayoral elections, councilors in the other elections, each party requests the highest vote is to take."
AK Party as a top spot to protect describing what they want light, said"We candidate lays in a county structure of society fully reflect the candidates to determine our first priority. AK Party headquarters stand on the most important point, one of the number of female candidates in our high retention. This decision of female candidates in the 3 to 1 ratio, always be targeted."
TURKISH TECHNOLOGY WAR remains from the must
the Prime Minister countenance and our President with the approval ministry served explaining that light, he continued:"The importance of Turkey Considering the few from the ministry I see it as my duty. these ministries very strong industrial infrastructure there. Turkey's accumulation of this ministry reflected in the know. But the ministry's infrastructure, the technology infrastructure with the need to support. before me facing my friend before me his work very seriously studies conducted saw. We also our duty this bar up to move. Turkey science, industry and technology in the field is to move forward. developing world battle rifle no. Technologies who is faster produces and sells all wars here. therefore our Ministry how a ministry addressed the importance of emerging. Turkey 'In this war of Turkey's culture and history dating back to the place it deserves in terms of coming to work in the Ministry will continue to do."
Gebze district of Kocaeli planned IT Valley Project, the Minister mentioned the light, he said:"The IT Valley, Kocaeli's just brand value will not contribute. Kocaeli's name in the world a very different place will carry. task I took over 1.5 months, 6 times during the meeting did. Such a structure in Gebze establishment of Kocaeli lot to the development contributed meaningfully believe that. Especially the Gulf transition bridge is made here for a technology valley of the establishment of the attraction very important in terms. world's largest technology brands with our brands here to collaborate at the point we're working. these projects as soon as possible to go through life at the point of trying. here Our sensitivity at We do not want these stillborn. Bottom structure with a connection to the road, with everything in the physical structure of the building to get a good start."

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