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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:58

Lawmakers from the President and the General Secretary Visits

Lawmakers from the President and the General Secretary Visits
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The AK Party deputies Ali Rıza Alabo Aksaray and İlknur İnceöz , Aksaray Mayor Fate and ACCI President Ahmet Haluk Sahin Koçaş , Aksaray found courtesy visit to Union General Secretariat of Public Hospitals .

Aksaray news:
Alabo of Deputies , İnceöz , the ACCI President and President Kocas Fate , the Association of Public Hospitals Secretary General during their visits to the Secretary General Dr. Ertugrul greeted by Ünkoç . MPs and presidents, hospital administrators made ​​in talks with Aksaray and found the exchange of views about the necessary investments . After the visit, speaking Deputy İlknur İnceöz , \"education and health is very important to people. I especially want to share it with the public. Aksaray State Hospital and made ​​to state our hospital in Aksaray always on the agenda. I would like to clarify the following issues . Last year in February, Aksaray State Hospital us the tender . the tender has changed behind TOKI President . had been tendered by the Commons project. We commons project, we decided that to be very appropriate to the hospital to do , and then our hospital application project was removed again a tender. application by the end of this month, the project will be completed and up to 600 beds the 400-bed hospital that we hope will be entered into a new tender process by the end of this month , \"he said .
deputy Ali Riza Alabo said,\"If Aksaray Public Hospitals League Secretary General Ertuğrul Ünkoç gentlemen and friends of our hard work and human relations at the headquarters in Ankara they take a lot of resources due to our Aksaray'ı good. We also thank them , \"he said .
Aksaray Mayor Haluk Sahin Fate ,\"I would like to thank our Chairman Mr. aside time for us despite intensive program before anything else. We are in the effort to work together as a municipality . We know the troubles and problems of the hospital. To resolve the problems of our citizens we realized it is what we need to do as a municipality again in unity and solidarity , \"he said .
Public Hospitals General Secretary Ertuğrul Ünkoç , \"We are the team in 2012. In November of this until working here are doing . Physical structures of health care facilities depend on us , as we work to strengthen the infrastructure of medical devices and equipment . Of course, our institution , we have the Ministry of Health in our intensive dialogue at any time. We will never leave you alone in this dialogue. This is for me personally as well , I thank you on behalf of both institutions . The first of the two-block effort we renew our service so far in Aksaray State Hospital . Field of dialysis patients received treatment was not appropriate ; We took him to the first floor. We renew our hospital exterior . We have also launched a serious renovation . There was a block sitting Previously, he was a serious renovating our blog on the modernization and strengthening the operating room. Oral and Dental Health Center annex building was built by a philanthropist. However, due to some difficulties had to be transferred to us. We continue to its construction , I hope will be transferred to us as the end of this month . We intend to be in December that part of the service , \"he said .

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