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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 13:34

Latin Winds will be blowing in the western Black Sea

Latin Winds will be blowing in the western Black Sea
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Latin dance in the western Black Sea wind blows .

Düzce news: Paired courses in dance halls opened AKÇAKOCA .
Paired courses in AKÇAKOCA began ballroom . Given in the Town Hall on the expected interest in Latin dance classes . Olympic Sports Club dance instructors operating in Düzce , AKÇAKOCA 26 that kursiyerl started they increased with each passing day the interest in lessons expression while they , Akcakoca municipality they were extremely satisfied due to the allocation of a place of work , they added that . A teacher , depending on the Education Directorate and Turkey Dance Sport Federation Provincial Representative Mustafa Urfa who pioneered the dance lessons , Saturdays and Sundays will be given at the municipal building 2.5 hours and continue until the course of the end of May 2015 were expressed. Photo dance instructor saying that about the dance lessons Akcakoca young people which will continue until the end of May Mustafa Urfan , one of the paired ballroom dance as dance types of salsa, bachata , merangue , will teach rueda and zumba dancing , he added . Photo Urfa said, \"Our dance class the end of May up will continue. depending on the intensity of demand for our courses not only at the basic level , we can also provide advanced dance classes. Since the new year we will do a regular Latin dance night a month in Akçakoca. as well as the western Black Sea will participate in all dance events. with our trainees each weekend in order to improve their dance practice , dance practice in our district are planning to do at a place agreed. Our most important goal facing our dance, Akçakocal the festive days of the AKÇAKOCA will showcase dance performances with our trainees , \"he said .
On the other hand , attending courses youth dance relaxing and specifically stating that pleasurable \"We enjoy highly and people comforting \"they expressed form .

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