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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:54

Kdz . There are 7.7 million TL in Ereğli Municipality Money Bank

Kdz . There are 7.7 million TL in Ereğli Municipality Money Bank
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Eregli district of Zonguldak Deputy Mayor Alpago Esra , CHP Councillors press the post Özkan Özyağcı Ereğli Municipality bank said the figures reflect the reality of the present is explained .

Zonguldak news: Photo Kdz . Deputy Mayor Alpago ereğli Esra , Kdz . Ereğli Municipality of cash in the bank to explain the information provided by CHP Councillors Özkan's Özyağcı did not reflect the truth. Alpagon gave the following information in the description ; \"In November the City Council after the 5.bileşim , CHP Councillor Municipality Ozkan Özyağcı the press his statement , and then deploy that 07 of our Municipality dated April 2014. The Bank is not beyond perverting list of topics includes the present . Including distributed and April 7, 2014 dated bank available for municipalities on the list, 2.674.751.07 taken over by pounds , whereas it was claimed that this money ends and on drifting to 8 million pounds of debt by municipalities estimated budget . our municipality as can be seen in the attached lists as of November 11, 2014 bank available for 7.734.979.46 is pounds. So Mr. Özyağcı the \"well done\"is added money on pounds of income . Mr. emerged in this way does not reflect the reality of Özyağcı of the said claim. Mayor Mr. Op. Dr. Hüseyin Eregli in Uysal presidential Municipality in the coming period , to invest , service requirements , the economic as well as a much better spot to doubt we also know that the future of our people . \"

Kdz . There are 7.7 million TL in Ereğli Municipality Money Bank" comments for.


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