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  • 28 Eylül 2014, Pazar 10:28

Jujube Healing Store

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Jujube grown in Southern Anatolia Marmara and tank healing was noted .

Bursa news:
May and June that grows in the fragrant and 4-5 foot tree, the fruit of the jujube , popularly known as \"doctor jujube'as it is known. olive magnitude of this medicinal fruit, pectin, tannin, mucilage , sugar and vitamin C does encompass . jujube, jam and vinegar making , as well as herbal medicines are used as . jujube asthma and respiratory sufferers to be very useful , sputum remover and cough suppressant property is known to be . blood clean bowels of jujube, stress the body's self-rebuilding accelerates . Flu and cold resistance is increasing. Sugar balances . mind and body fatigue, weakness , pain-induced insomnia in the case of human power to give . fever also is reduced.
this medicinal fruit market places , grocery store and transfer can be found either . Experts every morning 3 I would suggest eating jujube . jujube weight of 10-20 pounds are sold.

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