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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:14

Historic building was destroyed in the fire in Edirne

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Edirne, leave the heater on fire allegedly was historic buildings to ashes.

Edirne news: Photo by information obtained, the Old City district of Edirne on Maarif Street and operated a restaurant in the historic wooden building on the second floor heater pad on top of overturning the result of the fire. Sibel his historic administration building of Barsha , the result of long work of Edirne Municipality firefighters but could be controlled . The historic building , which became unusable after the fire , the building's roof and was ash rooms.
On the other hand , jumped in the fire at a home in the historic building side . Fire was extinguished without the intervention of the fire brigade growth . Date Husnu sitting near the building Döngel , police and fire crews learned of the fire scene, the arrival and that they themselves just outside horse .
\" Thank goodness CAN our loss NONE \"Photo Edirne Mayor Recep Gurkan specifying historic buildings in that they are happy to not experienced a fire that they control, and loss of life , \"Such a thing does not want anyone to be , but is not the most attention is the thing casualties in such fires . we have , thank God loss of life. UFO on the pillow cause of the fire exit fallen fire out of it , \"he said . Photo History of the building , Angel Anne Home Cooking is the owner of Sibel Barsha which is the burning of the bread vessel operating watched in tears .
scene from a large number of citizens of the strip drawn by the police team behind the fire keen eyes was followed .

Historic building was destroyed in the fire in Edirne" comments for.


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