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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:39

Hes the action of the villagers

Hes the action of the villagers
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Depending on the Bursa Kestel Aksu village residents, the region has made to establish the desired action against hydroelectric power plants.

Bursa news: Photo 50 from Aksu village citizens , Bursa Provincial Environment and Urban Planning Department is offering 140 signed petitions in . Photo Provincial Directorate of Environment villagers gathered in front , \"Aksu is ours, to stay. We do not want to lose our stream ,\"said the slogan scored . The villagers on behalf of the press release makes Aksu headman Ibrahim Ozcan, \"We Aksu we köylül has existed with the water stream . We lived in our ancestors for centuries Aksu village. After that, we want to live in Aksu village. On recently Aksu creek we have learned that work initiated to make HPP . Balkaya regulator and HEPP project will collect water flowing from Aksu creek. creek in diameter of 1.5 meters from the bed , 4 kilometers long steel pipes to be laid , that will trap the water in our rivers . We never accept the HPP project as Aksu villagers. We have land on both sides of the Aksu river. with water flowing from Aksu river We watering our fields , \"he said . some of the Photo field is irrigated from the pond, but the pond water from Özcan argues that they would be victims if the decrease in the future , \"Aksu River is the insurance of our field . We were there with the river Aksu so far. here then , but this creek we'll be there as long as it flows freely in his own bed in our village . a while ago, flooding our homes , our fields were great harm to our crops. Pods regulator of our homes will be built next to our farm . Will leave us face to face with new flooding rain. We refuse to live with this threat. I would not go anywhere else , we want to stay in our village as it was until today. The Aksu river gives its name to our village we had so far , then it must be ours. We will not give our water . We do not want the HPP project. I was given a negative report on the EIA . 140 will give the petition to the Provincial Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization , \"he said .


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