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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:54

Her husband was not the monorail President Onsite Look

Her husband was not the monorail President Onsite Look
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Burhanettin Kocamaz Mersin Metropolitan Mayor and his delegation believed to be built in Mersin inquire with monorail system and they went to inspect the system in place in Düsseldorf , Germany , from municipal authorities received information about the system .

Mersin news:
monorail was first developed more than 100 years and has knowledge and experience in this regard with municipal officials who met with the delegation , Head of Transport Mr. Krietemeyer made ​​a presentation . Made a detailed presentation of the historical development of the monorail system , newly developed models, security , cost, and many other issues were discussed in detail. The technical details and recommendations regarding the projects planned in Mersin were addressed in the question and answer section. Monorail system is 100 years time , said they applied the city Krietemeyer , \"monorail system, for which watch over the road , traffic does not cause any problems and flooring problem. In our city traffic nuisance to a great extent solve this system, we revised following the developing technology. In the context of security other the cost of the more advantageous monorail system according to the rail system is also cheaper , \"he said .
received technical information then Kocamaz President knowledge in place on the monorail production facility browsing and production stages and the accompanying delegation , and finally by making examination of the monorail line, the city monorail toured with the system. The monorail system , Mersin traffic Kocamaz President noted that a project they are working on to resolve, \"Our goal Mersin traffic the most reliable, fastest and least costly way in which we solve the project to investigate it . Germany, we come to examine our options among the monorail system in this context in Düsseldorf , we saw , we get the required information from the authorities and the manufacturing process in place. we do our work in the light of this information , and I hope we will take the first step to the option will determine within a short time , \"he said .

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