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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 03 Şubat 2014, Pazartesi 09:00

Hayrabolul Author Erdem nomad 2 Novel,"Enemy of the State"?? Output

Hayrabolul Author Erdem nomad 2 Novel,
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Hardware's operations in the district of Tekirdağ Hayrabolu nomads who Erdem author's second novel,"Enemy of the State"took place on the shelves.

Tekirdağ news:  Tekirdağ Hayrabolu district hardware's management that the author Erdem nomad's second novel,"Enemy of the State"on the shelves took place.
Author Erdem nomad in his statement,"None of us is not innocent"'s detective novels a year after the second book,"Enemy of the State"'s novel No Plans for publication announces its exit.
Erdem, reading and writing love stating,"Enemy of the State my novel preparation and writing time is about 2 took me years. 67th thousand words consisting of my new novel, publishing on the website of the sale began. Rom my hero Safa Turkey named a tourist interpreter. Business to go to America and there own unexpected mysterious crash is coming. Afterwards, an amnesiac state in Istanbul emerges and adventure accelerated developing. Roma at Safa's an ordinary human being Taking a transatlantic conspiracy Not knowing who try to disrupt and elite forces that challenge someone to turn witness. Present Turkey to those experienced in parallel state within a state similar subject across an ocean to a story by integrating the year 2009 in the notion, my novel will read the book lovers a delightful detective will find,"he said.
Nomad, writing books,'s largest aspirations of novel writing in the uhde that he remained but with it now day and night adding new novels writing experience the thrill of the expression,"my first novel in 2013, was published this year, my second novel Enemy of the State was released. now third in my novel writing, starting with about 60 pages was completed. Typing would continue. Readers of my new ROM resistance also looking forward, I believe that,"he said.
nomad, mind solitude and silence that you love, the day usually hectic pace of building materials in the shop now, that my work thus before nightfall and entering the house alone can not be expressed,"left alone when the silence allows And when my mind switch I uninstall and at least two hours in my program adhering'm writing. Typing devote time to and provide suitable environment to the greatest helper of course my wife mine. He told me understanding and patience not show, I could not have written"said.
nomad, a new book was extremely pleased with the interest shown, he said.

Hayrabolul Author Erdem nomad 2 Novel,"Enemy of the State"?? Output" comments for.


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