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  • 02 Kasım 2014, Pazar 14:23

'Happens Happens'movie will be in cinemas on November 7

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In addition to working in theater , television and cinema as well as the laughter of the audience accustomed to the new project Alper Kul Happens Happens , will be in theaters on November 7 .

Trabzon news: Photo Alper Kul and Ali in the film received a screenplay written by Kobanbay , Şinasi Patriotic Finds Honor , Taner Ergör as well as yesterday Ümit Besen with Cigul who lost their lives , Keremcem is taking place in the cast of the film. Kerem film Çakıroğlu Manage on November 7 will be released . Photo Trabzon Journalists held a press statement on the League'Happens Happens'of players in the film Alper Kul and Onur Atilla , that shit to laugh at the audience of the film , he said. Photo'Happens would be'in Trabzon, the hometown of the promotion of the film stating that starts Alper Kul , \"Sure would be a comedy . 7 will be in theaters in November. will introduce three of the month in Istanbul. first because it's my good luck , I started from my home. first Trabzon my countrymen I am a nod to the era I said. I truly believe his luck . we wrote the screenplay for the film, which was also our friends from laugh laugh is a television show with Ali Kobanbay . Filming was completed 4-5 weeks. a comedy with action scenes . the name of the latter if the movie'in The Valle'may'he said.
on the other hand , Trabzon Journalists after the press release issued in the League Alper Kul and Ali Kobanbay Trabzonspor shirt was a gift. Photo plenty of surprises story by promising an enjoyable experience to the audience , Trace taken happens happens in the construction of production's director's chair at Kerem Blackwell sitting movie Alper Kul's theater scene and friends she starred in the screen laugh laugh Finds Honor , Honor Atilla , Aylin Kontante , with St. Leo also is familiar from the screen, the audience Şinasi Patriotic , Taner Ergör , Ayça Varlıer , Yilmaz Gruda , Mehmet Özgür , Selin Yeninc of Jala evaluate pediatric trauma , such as taking part Ayten Uncuoğlu names .
'< strong> wILL BE MOVIE Photo Ali has a life if its own . Ali worked as foreman in a pharmacy , the moment he saw a woman who walks in the door would upset everything . Because the woman is none other than Ali's kid dreamed Azrak . Ashes fueled by the love of Ali , Azrak wants to backgammon. But skills are limited in this regard . While indulging despair coincided with an announcement on the Internet, \"Life Coach Mind \"lucky people that can benefit from discounts also were selected. Maybe a life coach will put his life on the road and able to reach the sake of his life. On the other hand, very professional in their work the way to go when Zihni'yl assistant, embarked on in order to revive their careers with the advent of new customers . Ali from each other as they work to implement creative techniques to change your life , funny events will follow each other.

'Happens Happens'movie will be in cinemas on November 7" comments for.


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