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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:58

Governor Visits from Great Mukhtar

Governor Visits from Great Mukhtar
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President of the Confederation of Turkey Mukhtar Özünal Ramadan , along with the accompanying delegation headmen Adana Governor Mustafa visited the Great .

Adana news:
During the visit, speaking President Özünal education in Adana , health, traffic, such as unemployment , and drew attention to the problems as qualified human migration and the headman community in the solution of the problems experienced point said they were ready to cooperate in every respect with the public institutions and organizations .
Turkey Mukhtar Confederation President of Ramadan , indicating that Özünal and happy because of the visit of the accompanying neighborhood Mukhtar Governor Mustafa is great, \"From the day we started the governorship task , our headman was our closest work colleagues . our headman in some regions with getting the status of our neighborhoods village officials although decreased but always intertwined found in increase in recent years of citizens of the possibility of our employees headman to solve the problems they we are happy. Our village headman serves as a bridge between the state and the citizens , then it will work closely with our friends as it was before , \"he said .
History year in the ongoing Village Des Great Governor pointed out that the important services provided in cooperation with the headman of the project , \"the neighborhood of the village and the tasks they undertake to follow the problem and be transferred to the relevant place in the village headmen very important. Our door to our headman that our district governors in the case of continuous consultation is always open , \"he said .
Visit, which ended with the headman living in the outskirts of the issues raised and shortcomings.


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