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  • 27 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 09:48

Glass Grape Juice for Life for a Day

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Specialist Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics

Adana news: Dr. Nariman Faith, herbal milk which is called as grape juice daily glass if consumed high blood pressure, heart , varicose veins and emboli up for many diseases , he said .
Faith, in his statement , herbal milk is defined as grape juice , blood-forming and antioxidant feature as well as the body to assist in the prevention of cardiovascular disease , he said . Grapes and grape juice blood-forming and antioxidant properties , as well as vitamins and minerals, rich in expression that Faith, \"Grape juice against heart disease, the shielding effect is generating. A, B and C vitamins, potassium and iron rich with grape juice, the body's resistance to disease is increasing. this feature , as well as blood oxygen-carrying hemoglobin cells in the formation of the necessary iron and potassium has a wealth of grape juice heart health while maintaining a heart attack reduces the risk , \"he said .
Faith, grape juice benefits of another well located in natural sugar quickly dissolves into the body to power pointed out that said:
\"contained in substances through the blood sulandırıyor , high blood pressure, heart disease , varicose veins and embolism up against many diseases protection. especially blood clotting and blood vessel disease experiencing difficulty with patients grape juice to drink at least a glass a day is recommended. \"

Glass Grape Juice for Life for a Day" comments for.


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