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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:02

Freed, he attended the opening program of the Vienna Academy of Civilizations

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Deputy Prime Minister came to Vienna to hold official talks spouse, joined the Wonder Civilization Academy of Social Sciences and Arts Studies Program Opening .

Viyana news: Photo in Vienna, the Turks Freed in statements in the program showed great interest , \"Very busy schedule , many have made a nice program friends . You know Austria and a very old relations of Turkey's relations. And the last 50 years also personally Turkey'that he had come across who have created our fellow workers have a wide worker community in Austria. There are about 300 a Turkish population of around thousand people. the second generation third generation now here. really we are talking about a Turkish community who have been a part of Austrian society . this Turkish society to look more closely at the problem , making this meeting to get to know . Today, here is a table giving joy supremely table laid out . Turkey origin and is now settled , read here, here, a portion of which is permanent but no longer created by young people who have been part of the Austrian society a academy , we had a combination of political academy. Again, we are pleased to see that significant progress of Muslims in Austria , \"he said .
be enacted in Austria new speaking about Islamic law Freed, \"Upstairs Downstairs which was adopted in 1912, the law of Islam so here we see that he is a major power in the legal entity in which the Muslims. There are some in distress. For example, today a number of concerns regarding the new Islamic law to be sent to parliament by the Austrian government , we see that the criticism. Good relations between our sustaining from us, of course, with Austria , where both Turks, in particular, often also to live quite well in nested condition really peace with the Muslim community Austrian society we do our all kinds of advice and suggestions. But that also here that the Muslim community in doing so it has created so far is right and not to go back never the gains , equal and free citizens, as at today's meeting that they need to continue expanding this right , we said in the forums , \"he said .

Freed, he attended the opening program of the Vienna Academy of Civilizations" comments for.


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