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  • 01 Kasım 2013, Cuma 09:09

Five great hairstyle for fall

Five great hairstyle for fall
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Autumn is a great hairstyle short and long hair, or add up the raft.

summer to autumn season exquisite beaches, unique waves and then atkuyruklarının time to try the long and short hair. Below, you'll find favorites together. Great for hair models based on the foundation of healthy hair shines every wash, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, as well as an in-depth softening mask, be sure to use a week.

parted in the middle, and the floating

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San Diegolu hairdresser and salon owner Jet Rhys,"long hair a little fun this fall,"he says. A typical example, Zoe Saldana poses MTV Music Awards'daki sexy appearance. This, means that the radiance Rhys autumn version."Plain roots, middle and ends of the hair parted in the middle is the right amount of waves pouring very fashionable."This looks to be the roots of your hair with a round brush and hair volumising spray fönleyin follow. Get the 5-inch section of hair and then just wrap the middle and end portions of the pair of tongs. Fasten a piece of hair spray lülelerinizi.

Flashy and Sexy Hair

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"Round brush hair from the back,"says New York-based hairdresser and salon owner, Michelle Williams, Brooke Shields, Rosario Dawson, and Hillary Clinton, Roy Teeluck combed curls. He is a stylish clients, floors and ending just above shoulder length cut tree suggests."Floors constantly move your fingers so that your hair is natural and flawless fönlerken Make an impact."

Braid Updo


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Rhys, MTV Music Awards, Selena Gomez proudly shows the name of the model is an unusual and elegant hair. This is a long hairstyle you want a little effort but it's worth your efforts. Rhys, initially dry, apply dry shampoo to make your hair says a little lumpy. Then, at the top of your head hair, wrap a few bigudiyle. After the rest of the top-three divide Knit a ponytail. Make the crepe hair gently after removing the curlers. Take half of this group, after winding up the hill firketelerle Secure scan and high ponytails. Entanglement at the top of the hill so that the crown section ends and the other half by firketelerle tighten it. Hair spray finish.

Lean and Accessories


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Photo courtesy of Nicholas Penna, Jr.

Nicholas Penna Jr., owner of Salon Capri

​​Boston, bright and luminous stars in your hair this year, a well-chosen short hair kavuşabileceğinizi says one eye-catching accessory. Attach wave romantic vintage brooch or a pinch of glittering necklace or ribbon weave on the place. Want to put a little gleam Topuzunuza? Penna, loose-fitting necklace with a pendant at the top of the knob under the nozzles after securing the fastening knob recommend doing. Suspend the ends of the necklace is a dazzling sparkle.


Extreme Separation

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5 seconds? Since the fall of the powerful separation so you can get a stunning hair models. Since the separating slightly lower than the traditional, this model is aligned kavisiyle eyebrow. Moreover, long, short, straight or curly hair can be applied. Emmy Rossum, natural makeup, mapping onto the red carpet hairstyle like this. Try it out! Tailed comb is all you need!

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