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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 10:15

Fishermen bacon Text Affect

Fishermen bacon Text Affect
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Due to adverse weather conditions in the troubled days at Aydin fishermen, despite an abundance were satisfied with the type of bacon .

Aydın news: Photo Turkey can not sail due to unfavorable weather conditions and effective storm in recent weeks across the fishermen began hunting again with the improvement of air . Fishermen can not catch fish with bacon continues to impact the desired level because of the article , I was glad because of the abundance of experienced though . With the increasing amount of fish and varieties , the storm returned to normal ransacked the fish prices together. Photo adverse weather conditions then stated that the opening of works by the improvement of air Aydınlı fishing Sezgin Sözügeçer , \"70 boat Aegean linked to our company , the freshest fish from the Marmara and Black Sea Aydınlı we bring together our countrymen. a recently sailed nineteen due to effective storm. plenty began to fish in a variety of weather has improved from the sea. However, ongoing Indian summer night due to not go to the fish surface is very bright and this affects the fisherman . despite the level desired by the citizens in pleased and price dropped . we extended the Aydınlı nearly 70 varieties of fish , \"he said .

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