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  • 12 Ocak 2014, Pazar 09:45

Dozens of trades mullet Viewing

Dozens of trades mullet Viewing
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Malatya Tradesmen Site is looking at dozens of cats.

Malatya news: Malatya Tradesmen Site is looking at dozens of cats.
old Shira Artisans Market Site on businesses located next to the shopkeepers, street cats come out with feeding the cats lungs. Dozens of cats with cats at the site where the artisan trades of a great friendship was formed.
Animal Protection Society at Malatya, the trades that gave support to the sensitivity with cat house. Tradesmen Sites left to cat houses, cat housing problems put an end will be.
Craftsman Site on establishment located Aydin Karabayir, cats voluntarily took care of them, he said.
The site initially two cats are coming and their tabby named expressed The Karabayir,"Cats increasingly proliferated. course births happened. day two packages lungs cats and feed,"he said.
Site trades Ramadan Ugur, Craftsman Site as cats take care, noting that"cats shelter had a problem. cold dead kittens was . Malatya Animal Protection Society called. Sağolsun helped us. Besides drug support found in many things. Han cats are looking at. only shelter had problems. This problem fixes,"he said.
Malatya Animal Protection Association President Hussein Ugur, Tradesmen Site tradesmen interested in thanking his words kept :"B i bite blood gives a handful bait gives life 'to our project implemented were. these feelings to instill kindergartens and primary schools plays have exhibited. Several seminars have. This heard about the project Tradesmen Site in our friends reached us. Sites dozens of cats that and some of the Cold kills us that have passed. we also within the project Merchants Site to the cat shelter have brought. cats their homes here, we will increase. Additionally, cats with health problems will deal."
Hussein Ugur, cat shelters also leave at various points in the city, he added.

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