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  • 26 Ocak 2014, Pazar 04:27

Doctor was beaten, Press Releases Apologises with

Doctor was beaten, Press Releases Apologises with
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Dr. officials in Diyarbakir Education and Research Hospital.

Diyarbakır news:  Dr. officials in Diyarbakir Education and Research Hospital. Recep Fine Şemsettin Karaköse who minted during the task, press release by the doctor wished apology. In October the past
Diyarbakir Education and Research Hospital, the events that occurred, the patient's relatives Şemsettin Karaköse, who worked at the hospital Dr. After you have beaten Fine Recep discuss the incidents on the DR. Fine, filed a criminal complaint against Karaköse. Today, the Medical Association Diyarbakır Branch Dr. Meeting with Minister Recep Fine Şemsettin Karaköse, with a press conference, the doctor apologized beaten. Vice President of the Diyarbakır branch of the Turkish Medical Chamber Genghis South, violence against health workers in the health transformation program due to the application being made within the scope of the expression, minted DR. Recep Fine voiced an exemplary attitude. South,"For a long time the health transformation program experienced problems that are telling. Especially with the health workers installed a high load current. Them at the beginning of the emergency mandatory in the specified working hours is coming. We citizens the right to health to imbibe them at all times we had. Continuous these demands have expressed. The same also to health professionals, the violence also always have condemned. exposed to violence doctors our friend Recep Nice to have shown that this sensitivity due to him extend my gratitude. Himself to the violent Şemsettin Karaköse and family to be victims did not want it,"he said.
the floor afterwards Şemsettin Dr. Karaköse that the assault. Minister of health professionals especially all the beautiful apologizing, said that his behavior is not correct. Dr.. If Recep Fine, Fine reminded that worked in the area for 14 years, the last 10 years of violence against health care workers drew attention to now. Fine,"health workers every day violence is increasing. Patients, health regardless of all the problems have originated know that. Health practices, policies doctor does not write. Experienced omissions we are not responsible. Politics in the incomplete due doctors have become targets. Physicians, we always social peace close to people. Contact violence incidents are repeated do not want to. region working in a lot of our friends devotedly jobs are doing. Health an end to violence needs to be given. this in Diyarbakir political parties of their bases should explain,"he said.
After the speeches, the meeting ended with handshakes and Fine Karaköse.
of Nice, about the assault incident has been learning to withdraw the criminal complaint.

Doctor was beaten, Press Releases Apologises with" comments for.


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