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  • 15 Ekim 2013, Salı 10:19

DIY Nail Art:you'll love Three Stunning Design

DIY Nail Art:you'll love Three Stunning Design
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Stylish and pioneer in the art of nail decoration DIVAME Victoria Vertel, manicure at home with a delicious way to show you step by step.

experiencing a golden age, and it is the art of decorating nails

think it would be permanent. Not ending options when it comes to designs. Easy to apply at home with the materials I present three different nail painting technique.



This view is carried out with stretch film. With a color you wish and wait for your nails to dry completely. I used metallic polished blue nail polish because I love mixing different textures.

# INSERT (InlineImage, image1)

After drying, a small piece of


and roll stretch film. Apply a color tone on the first floor and the second stretch of the film instantly rolled-Gently tap the new paint on nails. I finally used the yellow varnish.

# INSERT (InlineImage, image2)

Wait for it to dry

You can stop here, but I've added one more floor. Last bright blue lacquer was used.

# INSERT (InlineImage, image3)

paint your nails one by one on each of the light-touch kondurun and desirable Create the look is still wet.


Effect of Wind Rose

This view is a simple wind vane effect obtained by using tape. I started the color of polished copper metallic and waited for it to dry completely. Then, cut the nails applied triangular shapes.

# INSERT (InlineImage, image4)

open space, paint nails one by one. Peel off the tape before it dries, a second coat pieces of fine lines.

# INSERT (InlineImage, image5)

Band, numerous art nail decoration can be used.


Spray Paint

Finally, there is a technique you may have invented myself. I did not see any nail artist applies it before. The best part of this technique, no need for cell-burning nail art materials.

# INSERT (InlineImage, Image6)

To do this, find the house empty bottle of hair product. (You can also use pharmacies travel size bottles of hair spray.) Then clean it and let it dry. Into the bottle, to be received by the end of the spray pipe inexpensive black ojeyi drain. However, little by little nail polish thinner (not nail polish remover), stir and shake the bottle until thinned out so easily sprayed.

Before you begin, you need to warn you about one

. It's a little messy process. Therefore, in order to facilitate cleaning of old newspapers workspace overlay, hands bantlamanızı (later peel), or recommend vazelinlemenizi.

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Author: Victoria Vertel , nail decoration art blog Manicurator 's creator.
Writings often The Style Glossy Turkey ' are also included.

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