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Developed Non Alcoholic Cocktails!

Developed Non Alcoholic Cocktails!
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Them in non-alcoholic cocktails are so delicious that you'll want to prepare yourself.

Miksolojist-or, formerly known by the name of bartenders-were serious about creating non-alcoholic cocktails. Mixes them so delicious that you'll want to prepare yourself. These cocktails, do not use alcohol for a while, or if you do not want to get drunk that night doldurdup your limit if you avoid tedious to switch to seltzer wonders.


non-alcoholic cocktail recipes you can easily prepare at home.

Virgin Coconut Margarita

Casa Vega, from Los Angeles

30 gr. freshly squeezed lemon juice 30 g. Coconut cream 30 g. pineapple juice 30 g. sweet and sour mix 125 mL. ice

Optionally whipped cream

except whipped cream Put all the ingredients into the mixer. After coming into mashed putting whipped cream on serve.

-castle-Pine Island

Chopchop in California from Greenleaf Gourmet

1 apple (do not use a mixer so strong take six or eight pieces) 1 handful kale 500 ml. cut or diced pineapple

5 ml. freshly squeezed lemon juice

material individually Place the blender or juicer. Puree
Empty strain after arriving in a jar. Then served over ice

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