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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 23:43

Denizbank CEV Champions League

Denizbank CEV Champions League
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Denizbank CEV Champions League Group E Located in Vakıfbank Vizura Partizan in the first match of the group began to win the match by 3-0 .

İstanbul news:
Competition to Costagrande career , Kubra , Sheilla , Vasileva, Rasic , Naz and Mystery ( libero ) , starting with the first half of Vakıfbank , was able to take the first set 25-18 in front of his opponent. Yellow-siyahlılar , the second set of competitions was found in 25-10 completed ahead 2-0 and set the superior game. Yellow-siyahlılar which also maintains outstanding game in the final set of the first European match of the season, this set 3-0 victory left the match , winning 25-19 .
Most effective players during VakıfbankYılın competitions Sheilla Castro (12 points ) and Kübra Akman (10 number ) was . Vakıfbank found in Sheilla Castro and Carolina Costagrande also contributed to the victory with the number 9 .
On the other hand , Vakıfbank will make his second match on 26 November with representatives of Italian Nordmecanni of Piacenza.

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