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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 09:59

Chess , intelligent children are doing

Chess , intelligent children are doing
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Sport of chess is very important positive effects on children , so parents must also were asked to send their children to learn this sport .

Kocaeli news: In a statement from the Photo Izmit Municipality , children especially mental development made ​​great contribution to the important work for the development of chess and currently 42 homes, Mehmet Ali Pasha , Yuvam Akarca , with Larissa neighborhood Belsen B that chess school in the block , where children are free chess training given was recorded. photo Description bodily every mother and father of the child , mental and declared they would like to develop emotionally , \"Chess sport is different and has a special important role in this field. Other sports with similarities never had one in terms of the similarities between life and chess not so . Because chess is a game emerged in many sports is not like life's broken artificial inspired by the real itself lives. Foreign countries are shown as a subject in chess school. in our country the children more games in the park, experiencing growth are in opposition television . İzmit Municipality our children more intelligent and 5 different points in the city to grow consciously opened the chess school. Parents can send to this place their children \"the statement said . Photo concerned , accelerators chess children's development , noting that it is a mind game enhancer thought, \"Motivation and chess develops concentration , in a game of air , children without coercion, to concentrate on a subject thought his own desire provides . The children learn to be concentrated through chess , then it's easier to concentrate on the lesson and other issues. Distraction is observed that children who play chess problem of significantly reduced. Chess , children's attention to the collection on a subject and teaches patience , ensures respectful and considerate towards others , bad habits and prevent the acquisition of friends, can help you to think fast and accurate , events develop more accurate interpretation skills , personality and character will positively affect and develops, helps to develop their self confidence . And ensures that the researchers understand the importance of knowledge. Adopted a skeptical approach to the subject , purifies them from rote mentality. Be sensible and help him win the ability to make self-criticism . Success can only be achieved through a systematic and disciplined learns a try . Although learns to fight , no matter the condition . To give up in the face of failures, the result of questioning the reasons for losing the game and maturity to meet , further teaches that hard work is necessary for success. Directs more than happy to be successful by dude success. Understands the value of winning. Identify and provide motivation towards this brand new targets new targets , \"they said .


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